Client Testimonials

My husband and I recently purchased our first home. We were trying to furnish our great room, but we soon felt we had made poor choices in the few items we had purchased. Add to this the fact my husband prefers contemporary and ethnic styles, while I lean toward the traditional. Frustrated and ready to scrap everything and start over, we called Suzanne for a consultation. In the first hour we were together, we made the decision to move from “just getting some ideas” to having her handle everything.

Suzanne didn’t just work around what we had already purchased; she made those furnishings an integral part of the design. She incorporated both our tastes into the room, combining styles, colors, and textures we never would have dared to try. From paint color to accessories, Suzanne hit on everything. She knew what we wanted even when we didn’t.

Suzanne is organized, punctual, detail-oriented and personable! She did an amazing job of finding beautiful, quality furnishings that worked within our budget. We now have a warm, inviting, sophisticated living space we can be proud to show. We still look around surprised that we actually live here!

Heather Carrico


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