Transform a Plain Wall : Drab to Fab!

Spring has awoken the creative juices in me and I wanted to share some ideas for transforming a plain wall into a focal point in room.  With all of these great options there are simply no excuses for boring walls!

We are all familiar with paint, but have you tried using it in a new way lately?  Stencils are back and better than ever.  Over scale stencil work on a wall can end up looking like expensive wall paper if done correctly.  If you don’t have the ambition to do an entire wall, you can use a stencil at the chair rail height (36” -42”) or at the crown molding height where the wall meets the ceiling.    Check out this web site to find virtually any stencil imaginable

Not handy with a paint brush?  No problem.  Wall decals are not just for kids rooms anymore.  The ‘artwork’ subjects range from faux trees, to abstract modern art and everything in between.  Wall decals are cost effective, easy to use and removable if you get tired of them.

Wallpaper is back!  Not the stuff from Grandma’s house but amazing options to fit any décor style are available.  There are even textural wall coverings that make you feel like you are connecting to the great outdoors. Many papers are now printed on ‘easy hang easy strip’ substrates.

You can even get a scenic mural


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