Think You Can’t Afford Custom Furniture?

Think you can’t afford custom furniture designed just for you by an interior designer?  You may reconsider after this video giving you a glimpse into the upholstered furniture design process as described by S Interior Design in a short video.

This beautiful sofa was designed at Pacific Furniture by S Interior Design just 6 short weeks ago.  We were able to choose a firmer foam fill for the seat cushions to make the husband happy, and a softer ‘cloud’ fill for the back cushions to make the wife happy.  The arm style, dimensions and overall look were all customized to fit this specific client’s design aesthetic. Designed in an about an hour and  one-half,  fabricated  in just 4 weeks by a local manufacturer so no freight charges were incurred.

You can watch a short video that will ‘walk’ you through the custom upholstery design steps we followed.


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