Interior Design A-Z: ‘B’ is For Bedding

So many options for ‘B’.  Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Bedding and more.  We chose bedding as the subject for ‘B’.
As you read the blog and have another design area associated with the letter of the day, please share!!

B is for:  Bedding

So many options when it comes to choosing bedding!  The rule of coordinatingNOT matching applies here for the most interesting personalized result.  So folks, that means steer away from the ‘bed in the bag’ option.

As always, function comes first, design options second.   Decide on what level of warmth you like best.  Is a quilt okay? Do you need a down comforter to get the warmth you enjoy at night?  How many pillows do you like to sleep with?  What is your tolerance for making your bed in the morning?  By that we mean will the accent pillows actually ever find their way onto the bed or remain thrown on the floor in a corner.  Tip:  Get a large basket to hold your accent pillows at night.

Here is a recent example of a bedding ensemble S Interior Design put together for a client’s Hollywood Glam guest bedroom.  The duvet cover came from Macys as did the bed skirt.  We customized the accent pillow that came with the bedding by adding a floral fabric stripe.  We designed a ‘foot warmer’ at the end of the bed that uses that same fabric, and a 18″ x18″ pillow and finally we added a fun glittery pillow to the mix.

Some good options for finding interesting in-stock bedding include Macys, Dillards, The Great Indoors and if you are lucky, you might find some good treasures at Marshalls Home Goods.


2 thoughts on “Interior Design A-Z: ‘B’ is For Bedding

  1. I just got back from Las Vegas, and I stayed at the MGM Grand. I was very impressed with the bedding, and I found the company that manufactures bedding for the MGM Grand. I would definitely check it out, if you want to get your very own Las Vegas bedding.


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