Interior Design A-Z: ‘R’ is for Runner Rugs

And so the alphabet series continues. ‘R’ is for rugs.  Not just rugs, specifically runner rugs. What is a runner rug?,  you might ask.

As a designer, runner rugs are a versatile dimension of rug that might find a home in an entry area if it is long and narrow, in front of  a kitchen sink or a kitchen cooking area, in hallways leading to bedrooms and in bathrooms in front of sink vanities.

Washable runner rugs can be found at Gardner’s Supply Company

The choice of rug material should be based on the location for the rug.  Wool is an extremely durable fiber and is almost always a good choice.  If the rug is going to be placed in a hallway that leads to a backyard or a garage area, you may want to use an indoor/outdoor rug.  You can use a runner rug on your steps to protect your carpet or hard surface from wear and tear.

Some great web sites to go  shopping for runner size rugs are:  Home Decorators , Rugs Direct and FLOR.

FLOR is a great resource to design your own runner rug.  Each FLOR carpet tile is 19.7″ x 19’7″ so you can use as many tiles as you wish for your space.  Chose among traffic level (light, medium, heavy) and lots of options for colors, textures and patterns.

FLOR Carpet Tile Runner Rug

Hopefully this inspires you to go get some fresh runner rugs for your home!  Function and beauty all in one!


One thought on “Interior Design A-Z: ‘R’ is for Runner Rugs

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