Lighting-The Most Important Design Element?

Proper lighting in a room is important for many reasons.  Functionally speaking, you need good task lighting for office work, in a kitchen, sewing, crafting, reading etc.  Aesthetically, the right lighting will either enhance or detract from your interior design.  An original expensive piece of art can look plain and drab without the proper lighting to high light it.  At the same time, an inexpensive framed print can look amazing if the proper lighting is achieved.

Don’t forget natural light. Solatubes are a great way to introduce natural light to a room without adding heat or glare.  You also are eligible for a tax credit due to the environmentally friendly aspect of adding the natural light  source which then leads to less usage of electricity.

Overhead recessed can lighting is not enough in any room.  The light kit attached to the ceiling fan is not enough.

Not The Lighting Solution

You need layers of light; overall room lighting, eye-level lighting, accent lighting, ambient lighting.  Every room and its function, as well as the desired look and feel, deserves a specific lighting plan to really SHINE!!

One of our favorite on-line resources for lighting is Bellacor Lamps Plus also has a nice selection you can view on-line.


4 thoughts on “Lighting-The Most Important Design Element?

  1. I have to agree with you on the lighting aspect of any design project. I think that along with window coverings are sometimes neglected!

    Great job on another great post!



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  3. I am an architect from Miami and work in the area of lighting design. we have recently done some daylightng tubes (suntubes) to provide additional illumination for a residential kitchen. This idea was brought in by an interior designer on the project and we supported it: the more lighting options there are on the project the better the outcome. The best lighting is when its done in layers and there is an abundance of various sources and techniques. Also agree that the lighting discipline is often neglected (which is very unfortunate). We do spend a lot of time educating our clients and the public at large on importance of good lighting.


    • Hi David-

      Thank you for your comments regarding lighting design. I often put solatubes in homes (including my own kitchen-2 of them!) You cannot buy the beauty and function of natural lighting.

      Best of luck in all your work-



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