Interior Design A-Z: ‘T’ is for Tile

The journey through the design alphabet continues with the letter ‘T’.  My Facebook and Twitter friends suggested; Tables, Travertine and Tile.   The subject is so large, this post will just ‘touch on it.

Let’s talk TILE.

Choices of tile materials and types are vast.  Different rooms and functionality requirements, not to mention personal aesthetic and maintenance preferences should guide the decision-making process as to what type of tile is chosen.  For a great overview of tile materials and types , read 3 Types of Tile Types and Tile Your World.

Tile can be used as a strictly decorative design element.  Mosaic tile artwork and accessories can be used to add texture and color to kitchens, bathrooms, and display areas.  Glass mosaic tiles are beautiful and often add just the right WOW factor to a kitchen or bathroom back splash. The glass tiles are very easy to take care of in both kitchens and bathroom settings.

A few  great sites to explore are  Susan Jablon Mosaics and  Oceanside Glasstile an environmentally friendly glass tile company.

S Interior Design Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Backsplash Using Oceanside Glass Tiles

Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Remodel – S Interior Design

S Interior Design Kitchen Remodel Using Susan Jablon Mosaic Tile

Kitchen With Susan Jablon Mosaic Tile Back Splash

Kitchen Remodel Using Susan Jablon Glass Mosaic Tile-S Interior Design

Some common floor tiles are travertine,  porcelain, and in certain regions Saltillo tile.

There is tile that now looks like wood planks for those who want the look of wood without the maintenance factors.

Tile is a great material to use as a fireplace surround and on a hearth.

S Interior Design Fireplace Surround Design

3-dimensional Tile Makes This Fireplace a Focal Point

Great Room Design by S Interior Design


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