Your Design-Where to Start?

You have an empty room.  No furniture, no artwork, not even a rug.  Where do you start?


The area rug will allow you to establish your overall color scheme and define the feel for the room.  Traditional, modern, ethnic, contemporary.  The rug pattern can have a floral design, geometric patterns, stripes, or be solid with a border perhaps?  You can even go for texture like  sisal or a jute.

This room designed by S Interior Design started with  a rug.  Take a look at the design elements that were added and how they relate to the area rug’s colors and patterns.

Area Rug Chosen

The Area Rug With Complementary Fabrics and Finishes

S Interior Design Great Room Design


4 thoughts on “Your Design-Where to Start?

  1. Great post- I absolutely agree with you on this one. The rug is so much easier to find and then match your fabrics to than the other way around. Unless of course you end up designing a custom rug – which is always a fun process 🙂


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