Confused About Color Mixing?

Figuring out what colors to combine in your interior design can be challenging.  From paint colors to fabrics knowing which colors will complement one another is crucial to ending up with a pleasing to the eye end result.  You can get out the color wheel, or hire a professional to assist you  (we like that option...S Interior Design).

Another option that should not be overlooked is



Mother nature figured out how to get  color combination right.  Somehow the intensity for the red and green (which are complimentary colors on the color wheel  by the way) are combined in the exactly right intensity in the tulips shown here.


Vibrant Field of Tulips

Vibrant Field of Tulips

When the tulip petals are more pastel in tone, their surrounding leaves are softer tones as well.


Color Cues For Design

A Softer Shade of Nature


So, the next time you are frustrated or daunted by the task of picking colors for your interior design, just look out your window or take a field trip to the local plant nursery for inspiration.






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