Halloween Candy As Art?

Okay, Halloween is officially over but what to do with all the candy that was collected or left over?

Let’s make CANDY ART!

Get a thin canvas and paint it a bright color such as yellow. Once it is thoroughly dry, take the canvas outside to a well-ventilated space and coat the front with spray adhesive.

Now get creative by adhering the brightly colored, various shaped candy pieces to the canvas.

Wait for it to dry/set-up and then spray with clear, low sheen top coat.
You can frame it in a pre-made frame, or paint the sides of the canvas and leave it unframed.

You are DONE! A unique candy art piece that can add whimsy to a media or family room or a child’s room if they promise not to try to EAT THE ART.

For more fun ideas of what to do with the left over candy, check our Halloween Candy Crafts




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