The Key to Design Success-The Design Plan

Sometimes it is tempting to launch into an interior design project quickly with a great deal of enthusiasm.  After all, how hard can it be?  Perhaps you watch a lot of HGTV shows…..looks easy doesn’t it?


A common issue is buying new furniture, getting it in the house and feeling like it all was a big mistake.

The key to a successful design project big or small is taking the time to develop a DESIGN PLAN. For an aesthetic room make-over, this plan will provide information such as room dimensions, functional requirements, aesthetic preferences, pictures of rooms/spaces you like, existing furnishings that needs to remain (all dimensions) and a budget.

If the project is a remodel or new-build, the design plan will be much more robust in terms of details. For example,
S Interior Design has a 6 page document that we fill out with our clients when ever we work on a kitchen remodel project.

This up front analysis and work will SAVE lots of time, money and frustration if done diligently.





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