Re-Set and Re-Assess Your Interior Spaces

A lot of us have been trained to think of  the New Year, January 1st that is, to think about what we would like to be different in our lives in the coming year.  Not to make light of these sometimes important, deeply thought out resolutions, but I am going to suggest that you also use this time of year to think about how you might like to change your interior spaces to be more pleasing, and perhaps more functional.

This is the time to develop the Design Plan.

It doesn’t mean a whole house or entire office complex needs to be over hauled.  It can mean new paint colors, new bedding, a new sofa.  If you are considering a re-model, this is a great time to do so as most are choosing not to move, but rather to update their existing dwellings.  The return on a kitchen or bathroom remodel remains a sound investment in your home.


So although it might feel premature, it is NOT too soon to begin thinking about the changes you might like to make in your interior world in 2011!

Of course, S Interior Design is available to assist you in developing and executing your design plan.    As a reminder, we offer virtual, remote design services if you live outside the Phoenix metro area.

H A P P Y    H O L I D A Y S!!



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