Timeless Design and Animal Prints

If you are interested in making a change to a room consider adding an ANIMAL.  This is the type of animal you don’t need to feed or walk. Animal prints of all kinds continue to be everywhere in the world of interior design; upholstery fabrics, area rugs, artwork, wall coverings, and accessories.  I interviewed several managers at the Arizona Design Center and they all independently said the same thing

” Animal prints are TIMELESS “

You may have heard the phrase that “every room can look a little more interesting with a touch of animal in it.” Animal prints can travel the full design spectrum from traditional to ultra contemporary with ease.

Read on to get some ideas about how you can add a bit of animal to your decor!

Take a look at some examples of animal print fabrics found at Kravet Design .Animal Prints 1Animal Prints 2







Animal Prints 4




One of the most wonderful ways to use an animal print in a room is on the floor either on an area rug, or in a wall to wall carpet.  Here are some examples of what you can find in an all wool animal print area rug or carpet.


Zebra Rug



Area Rugs or Wall to Wall Carpeting











An embossed leather crocodile tray?  The seat of a bar stool or the entire chair? Accent Pillows on a neutral sofa?


'Crocodile' Embossed Tray

Sofa Pillows









Swivel Stool


Traditional Chair


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