Kitchen Appliances To LOVE For the Long Term

I had the opportunity to attend a Lunch and Learn seminar at the Scottsdale Arizona Miele showroom this past week.   I can summarize by saying ‘German engineering is in the house!’    Miele’s company motto is :

‘ Immer Biesser’ translated as ‘Forever Better’

How inspiring in and of itself.  I also learned that Miele builds their products and THEN prices them, versus the more standard development and manufacturing model of  pricing the product and THEN building it.

The housing trend is to stay in our existing homes and upgrade them functionally and aesthetically.  If you are contemplating a kitchen remodel big or small, and new appliances are a part of it , my vote as a professional designer  who has worked on many kitchen remodel projects is to invest in quality and state of the art technology wherever possible.

Can you get excited about a dishwasher?  Let me share some details about Miele dishwashers and see if your pulse doesn’t rise just a bit.

Miele Dishwasher

  • At least 2x the life of an average dishwasher 20 year life design minimum
  • Up-datable machines programming of the existing dishwasher keeps it updated, no need to replace to take advantage of the latest and greatest tech. options.
  • Auto Sensor to measure the clarity of the water-the unit will adapt water consumption, program duration and wash duration based on level of soiling—All environmentally friendly features!
  • Drying system that uses ambient air, sensor dry or what they call drying plus that automatically open the door a bit to release moisture at the end of a drying cycle
  • Built in water softener
  • Peaceful cohabitation in open floor plan homes with one, or two, Miele dishwashers running smoothly in the background.

    Options based on your individual lifestyle needs:

  • Separate cutlery tray
  • Vase/bottle holder
  • Multiple basket configurations to concurrently wash lots of different hts.


No, I am not getting paid by Miele to write about their products, I am simply genuinely impressed and wanted to share.

Many Options For Door and Handle Styles


4 thoughts on “Kitchen Appliances To LOVE For the Long Term

  1. Thanks for this information everyone need to do homework before purchasing the home appliances. We (singer India) are one of top manufacturers of the small appliances which is the important part use for the home


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