Design Inspiration From Nature

It never fails to amaze me.
Often nature is the best source of design inspiration.

From simple arrangements of fruit and vegetables to the majesty of the Grand Canyon, all one needs to do is open ones’ eyes wide to find great resources for design direction and inspiration.  I find this to be especially true regarding
color combinations

These vibrant colors from nature all work beautifully together because they are of the same level of saturation and depth of color intensity.

I was fortunate enough to visit the Grand Canyon this month.  Here are a few pictures of the majestic Canyon lands that I am sure will inspire your design direction

Mixing different heights and textures will give you a more interesting result.  Imagine if the rock face was all smooth?  If it was all level?  The view would not be nearly as visually intriguing.  Apply the principles of varying heights and textures to your design in terms of furnishings and accessories is the lesson here!



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