101 Designer Secrets — #60, #65 and #70-71

The May issue of House Beautiful magazine has a 4 page spread of 101 Designer Secrets.  We read them and decided to share along with some commentary.  Not all 101 will be shared, but you can click on the link above to HB, or subscribe to their hard copy magazine to read them all if you wish to.

These ‘secrets’ or tips, as I prefer to label them are related to the most important and often overlooked design element—LIGHTING–

#60: Lighting is everything.  It creates drama, and intrigue in a room. The easiest way to accomplish this is with  a dimmer switch.  I always use dimmers even in the powder room-Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Absolutely agree with Mr. Bullard on this one.  You can easily add dimmers to your existing lights!

#65: To create flattering light, have your lampshades lined in soft pink or use GE soft pink 100-watt bulbs-David Scott

Definitely a good idea to use in entertaining spaces and dining rooms

#70: We locate light switches about 36″ above the floor.  That way they stay out of the way of the art on your walls.  We put switches about 1 1/2″ to 2″ off the right side of door casing for the same reason-Gil Schafer

#71: Install an outlet 28″ high behind a console tables.  This allows you to add lamps with out an unsightly tangle of cords-Ashley Whittaker

When you are doing a new build or remodel, this is excellent advice !


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