Choosing the Best Flooring

Below is a guest post on the subject of the coordination of your flooring with your intended decor style.  Sometimes S Interior Design is working around a client’s existing flooring, other times changing the flooring is a part of the design project scope.   The flooring type and style will have a large overall impact on the outcome of the design and is a crucial design element to get right.

Guest Post:

Matching Your Floor with Your Interior Décor
Chose a floor carefully based on your own style,  and functions of the material.

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Types of Floors

There are five primary types of floors you can choose from:  (S Interior Design adds to  the list-Cork, Bamboo, Teak, Concrete)

  • Carpet
  • Harwood
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • TileWe love the tile that looks like wood planks!

Carpet is one of the most commonly used materials because it is affordable. It also gives off the vibe of comfort and casual. This type of floor is often popular with young families, as it provides a level of comfort and protection for babies and children.  S Interior Design  loves all wool carpeting.  Although it is more expensive, it is naturally resilient, stain resistant, flame retardant and Allergy Safe

Another popular type of flooring is hardwood, a classical option that is often paired with more ornate décor. If you have ever been to an art museum, you might recall that the floors were hardwood. Any other material wouldn’t do in such as setting. Laminate and vinyl are often used as alternatives to hardwood floors. These materials are more affordable, and they can give off the same impression as hardwood. Keep in mind, however, that these floors may not be as hardy. Finally, tile is commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, but more consumers are looking to fresh takes on tile.  Ceramic tile, for instance, can be useful in homes with pools. Tile gives off the essence of cleanliness and it goes with virtually any type of décor.

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Hardwood and laminate floors are neutral in color so they can go with almost any accent piece within your home. You have a lot more options with carpet and tile, but you will have to take care in order to avoid color clashes.

If you change décor often, consider getting a neutral color. This will help prevent you from having to change new flooring every few years. Also keep in mind that extremely dark colors will make your room appear smaller.

Consider Your Climate

When choosing a flooring option, another tip to keep in mind is the type of climate and environment your floor will encounter. In general, you’ll want to keep your home at a consitent temperature for certain types of floors. For example, a hot and humid environment can have drastic effects on flooring, causing moldy carpets and structural damage. On the other hand, direct sunlight on a floor can cause discoloration or dry flooring, depending on the type. Therefore, you’ll want to examine external factors before choosing the right flooring for your home.

Bottom Line

No matter what your style, you should ultimately choose a floor that you feel comfortable with. Aside from basic colors and décor themes, you should consider the function of your prospective floor. For example, carpet might not be a good fit in a high-traffic room, while carpets are a sound choice for families with small children who play on the floor. Also consider whether the type of floor you want will be easy to clean. Once you have figured out the basic functionality of the floor, start decorating away!


Christine Cooney is a writer at The House Designers, writing articles on DIY and award winning floor plans on The House Designers blog. She loves learning about architecture, home décor, and house plans from top architects.



6 thoughts on “Choosing the Best Flooring

  1. Great post and information! I love that they’re making such wonderful wood look-a likes with tile and even laminate, it’s such a great option for people who can’t spend the money on real hardwood.


  2. I am in Cementious Decorative Green flooring. It has a polymer added and is extremely hard with many type of colors available to top the cement. it can go from bright highly polished hues to soft burnished inorganic mottled stone look finishes, to a traditional grey with a sealer for an industrial look.
    These days have brought an entire revolution of options as you have pointed out!


  3. Pattern of flooring styles changes with time. Therefore a tremendous change is observed in the different flooring styles which can change look of your dream house. This post contains ideas which can attract people in this upcoming year.


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