Sell Quicker-5 Easy Guidelines to Stage Your Home

Thinking about putting your home on the market? Here are some helpful ideas to help you prepare your home for sale

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Storage Opportunities -Bring Me A Basket


My favorite storage option for pillows, linens, books, magazines, dog toys and more.  A plethora of sizes, shapes, tone and textures are available.  Officially get organized month is over tomorrow, but are good ideas for storage ever ‘OVER”?

You can use baskets in your entry area to collect shoes, mail and kids backpacks.  In your bedroom to place your decorative bedding pillows in until the next day, in family rooms to store magazines and hold comfy throws.  Baskets work great on shelves to store smaller items such as music CDs or DVDs.

Here are a few options to consider :

Simple and rectangular from Crate and Barrel,  round and deep from Restoration HardwareStorage Baskets








You can find baskets of all configurations at retailers such as Target, Marshalls Home Goods,  and Michael’s Arts and Crafts .  Baskets are great tools to organize small office items.  Add a few that are colorful to give a pop of interest to a neutral decor scheme.  Check out these great ones from Cost Plus World Market.

The addition of baskets on the bottom shelves of this ‘open’ bookshelf design give the shelving more visual weight and interest doesn’t it??

So, where can you add great looking, and highly functioning BASKETS in your home and office environment?

Intrigued By Flat Velveteen Hangers

I have been contemplating those sexy thin velvet covered hangers for months now.  So tempting in their vast array of color options.  What is causing me to hang back (no pun intended).  Why don’t I take the leap and just by $30 worth and effectively change the look and functionality of my poor overcrowded closet?

Not that long ago,  I proudly invested in a slew of wooden hangers (“NO more wire hangers as Mommy Dearest yelled!)  I kept a cache of plastic hangers to dry the delicate clothes on, but any wire hanger was expunged from my husband, son’s and my closet spaces.

Is it fear of choosing the wrong color or combination of colors?  No, that can’t be it, I am a designer and colors do not scare me.  Oh, I think I know what it is….it is the daunting tax of re-hanging all of those clothes.  Can I just close my eyes, click my heels and magically make it all happen for me without lifting a finger?

Okay, I will start slow, I will replace the hangers in the guest bedroom closet so at least my guests will enjoy the beauty and functionality of the ‘velveteen hangers’.