Desert Wonder-Artwork Concepts

Woke to get the newspaper (yes, I still read an actual newspaper) and was greeted by a phenom known as night-blooming cactus.  I wanted to share and suggest use of the wonder of nature as artwork in your homes and offices.  I show you 2 pictures:

1- straight shot from my iPhone
2- altered slightly in Adobe Photoshop

Imagine printing this out and surrounding by a colorful mat board and thick frame–You get unique artwork with a very small dollar investment!



Interior Design A-Z: ‘P’ is for Plants

Pillows, partitions, planning, powder rooms, paint….so many great words that begin with the letter ‘P’ to chose from for this blog post.  Ultimately I decided to go with- ‘P’ is for PLANTs.

Adding foliage to your interior design is very important.  The main color GREEN is symbolic of life.  Whether you are like me and sport a brown thumb, or have the knack for keeping your plants happy and healthy, plants should always be a part of your interior design.

Areca Palm

Cordyline Plant

Bird of Paradise

There has been much debate among professional interior designers about whether faux trees, plants and flowers are acceptable alternatives in a home.  Everyone has an opinion on this one!

What I always tell my clients is you can keep your plants looking happy and healthy please by all means go for the real thing.  Live plants bring many benefits to indoor environments beyond how they look.  By the same token, dried out, dying plants bring no benefits aesthetic or otherwise!

However, if you do not have the ability or time to keep the live plants looking good, high quality faux plant/tree/flowers can be a great alternative.   High quality faux foliage is not inexpensive, however it will last 10-15 years.  Another benefit of faux, is that you can specify the size.  We place many 7′-0″ to 9′-0″ trees in clients’ homes.

Add life to your interior spaces, bring the beauty of nature inside—-get some plants!!

Below are some examples from the S Interior Design portfolio of faux plants/trees/flowers