A Design Intern’s Experience

I asked my design intern to write a blog post about her experience thus far… no, I did not bribe her to write these positive words!

My experience as an intern with Suzanne Lasky of S Interior Design has been an exciting and rewarding one. To see firsthand what happens in the design world and to work with someone with exceptional design skills such as Suzanne’s is a generous gift.

In my search for an internship it became apparent that an internship with some meant straightening the showroom and weeding out discontinued products. It was called an internship, but I would not be meeting actual clients or seeing how design work was done.

Not the case with Suzanne. From day one, nothing was off limits. She shared with me everything from the business side to the design side and everything in between including her clients, a true sign of Suzanne’s confidence in her work and her client’s loyalty. She welcomed questions, encouraged involvement, and shared tips, vendors and trade secrets, all with her endearing down-to-earth style. She gave me her time, wisdom, guidance and patience. Wow, Someone in the same field who actually wants to see you succeed and help you get there! It’s called giving in a big way.

It has been a great experience to see what goes into running an interior design business. The hours planning, programming, researching, interviewing, designing, phoning, scheduling, troubleshooting and running, running, running, not to mention the time and attention given to the tiniest detail, is worth the end result – the thrill and joy seen time and again expressed by the client!

What a great hands-on learning experience! I am so appreciative to be working with a talented designer and so lucky to have met a friend along the way. Thank you, Suzanne.

Jeanine Lyles