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Accent Pillows —A Must Have Room Accessory

Okay, I have a confession—I have a bit of an accent pillow obsession (along with shoes of course!).  Accent pillows are a great way to update your existing seating and bedding without starting from scratch
You can change pillows out seasonally to evoke the feeling of summer or fall or winter or even at holiday times.  You can splurge on a pricey fabric when having pillows fabricated because you don’t need  a lot of yardage.  Styles range from simple box pillows to highly adorned and trimmed pillows; the options are endless.

So, when asked to post this guest blog about decorative pillows, we of course said YES!!

ImageDecorate with Pillows

Pillows are like the icing on the cake. They bring life to sofas and beds. Pillows are important design elements in the house, and they are some of the best items to express the owner’s individuality. Beautiful pillows have great fabrics that match the theme of the room.

There are some rules that homeowners can follow in order to come up with a beautifully decorated sofa and bed.

Factors to Consider when Decorating with Pillows

• Size
Homeowners should consider the pillows’ size so that they will match the size of the sofa and the bed. Standard pillows usually measure about 18 inches. They are great for typical-sized sofas. Large pillows are also a good choice when owners are trying to create a more lounge-like and casual feel.

• Fill
Pillows with feather-and-down fills are the softest. Unfortunately, this is the most expensive pillow filler. On the other hand, foam and other synthetic fills can hold the pillow’s shape as they are stiffer.

• Quantity
Designers like to include an odd numbers of pillows as it tends to be more artistic. Homeowners may consider having one, three or five pillows depending on the number that can fit into the furniture. Typically, a chair needs only one pillow while a standard 88-inch sofa needs three or five pillows.

• Shape and Color
Opting for a combination of different pillow shapes creates a fun and lively appearance. One common combo is a pair of square solid pillow with a color that contrasts with the sofa, one oblong-shaped pillow at the center and two extras. The two additional pillows can have patterns and may have the same color as either the sofa or the solid pillows.

• Texture
The texture of the pillows should contrast with the sofa’s upholstery. This will ensure that people will not slide off their seats.

• Room’s Theme

All pillows in the living room do not necessarily have to be the same. However, there should be at least a connection between them that will show through their palette or style. A good theme will provide the room with a more polished and unified feel.

Decorating Sofas with Throw Pillows

The Traditional Look
• Even numbers of pillows are great for a traditional sofa look. Four pillows may be arranged on either side of the furniture to present balance and order.

• The pillow size will depend on the size of the sofa. The traditional look is enhanced by pairing 20 to 22 inch square pillows with smaller sized round pillows. Proportion is the key for a pleasing traditional sofa look.

• Silk and velvet pillow fabric can work best with a traditional sofa look. It can have prints and patterns such as flowers. These prints should be simple and may only have two or three colors. One solid and one printed pillow make a great pair.

• A thin braid or cord is a great choice for small pillow trims, and tassel fringes are perfect for bigger ones.

The Modern Look
• An odd number of pillows works best with modern designs. A few large pillows can be mixed with little ones.

• The pillows should be large enough to show off large pattern designs or just a solid color. Oblong-shaped pillows will also boost the modern look.

• Cotton and linen are the best picks for pillow fabrics. Large geometric prints with a few different colors should be considered. However, those who love more colors are not prohibited from going for what they like.

• Trims are usually only for traditional look, but they can also be used. They should maintain the pillow’s solid color and at the same time add interest to it. has a lot of modern pillow collections to choose from.

The Eclectic Look
• An odd or even number of pillows can work well in an eclectic room without making it look cluttered.

• Generally, designers prefer similarly sized large pillows that measure around 18 to 24 inches.

• The pillow fabrics can all be different, but they should have at least one color that connects them. This will ensure that they have unity despite having different fabrics. The eclectic look actually relies more on the fabric than the other elements.

• Trims should be kept simple. They can have braided edges. Inside Avenue offers many choices of decorative pillows that will perfectly complete the living room’s eclectic look.

Decorating Beds with Pillows

• Decorative pillows on beds should blend well with the comforter and coverlet. They are also best paired with foams from Memory Foam Express.

• It is best that pillows are positioned with the biggest part at the back and the smaller part in front. Doing so will ensure that the fabric is given more emphasis.

• Pillow colors can be pulled from all fixtures and furniture inside the room.

• Pillow colors and patterns can bring a more casual look to the bedroom. One great example is white bedding topped with a heavily printed coverlet and white and gray-colored pillows.

• Contemporary looks often involve white pillows and one decorative pillow as an accent.

• Pillow positions on the bed can also add to the overall look of the room. They can be placed diagonally. This may be a simple idea, but this little interesting detail can actually make a lot of difference.

• People who want to have numerous pillows on the bed should opt for a limited palette so as not to overwhelm the room. There are homeowners who really want to have nine pillows around them. There are more pillow ideas available here.

Decorating a home with pillows is fun. Homeowners can actually change the overall feel of their homes by simply adding pillows or changing their fabric, colors and arrangement. However, it is always important that they follow the rules in choosing the pillows for their sofa or bed. Otherwise, their space will look more cluttered rather than pleasing. Different types of pillows for modern, traditional and conventional looks can be found at instyle-decor.

 This Guest Post is written by Lisa Jolan: You can connect with her on twitter @lisajolan

Master Bedroom Makeovers-A Short Video

Master Bedroom Makeovers by S Interior Design- We all love a movie right? Short and sweet with some nice music to go along 🙂


Add a Bit of British Cool to Your Home or Apartment on this Side of the Pond!

We love keeping in touch with and learning what’s going on globally with design, be it interiors, architecture, or products. This week’s guest blog brings a bit of the UK to our shores. So much is great design is happening over there now, so why not brighten up a living room, or a bedroom or even your kitchen with some great British inspired, British made products!

The hype around the Royal Wedding last year, the continuing popularity of Downtown Abbey, the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics later this year means that once again it is cool to be British and this has been reflected in this years’ hottest interior design trends.

Interior design in 2012 will see a return to traditional British design. We’ve already seen it on the fashion runway with the popularity of Jonathan Saunders and now interior furnishings are favoring British designs with iconic prints, pastel color blocks, floral designs and gingham fabrics being used to complement the clean and sleek furniture trends from 2011.

To achieve this look with the furnishing you already have, add some British flair with oversized pillows in floral prints and pastels or floor length curtains in bold, iconic prints. Liberty offers some great home accessories, like the Edenham Liberty print silk and velvet cushion, as well as some new season fabrics that have been inspired by English nostalgia as well as the upcoming Olympics. The best thing about this trend is that adding a bit of traditional British elegance is as easy as pulling out the sewing machine (think pillowcases!).

British patriotism is also a hot trend continuing on from 2011 with everything from Union Jack pillows to wall decor. The Shoreditch Union Jack Ottoman from The French Bedroom  makes a great statement piece. The ottoman, in vibrant colors, makes a great coffee table with the added benefit of offering a storage space. Alternatively British furniture designer Jennifer Cooper’s Jack Upholstered Storage Box in muted tones is a great British made storage solution at a fraction of the cost.

If lavishing your home in Union Jack’s isn’t your thing try Graham and Brown’s Crown and Coronets wallpaper for a more subtle approach to cool Britannia. Crown and Coronets wallpaper can also be decorated with jewels, perfect for your very own little princess. Recreate the definitive British with Keep Calm and Carry On wall art; variations on the saying can be found everywhere, from Camden market to numerous online outlets.

For something with a bit of an edge have a look at Tobyboo’s range of tea towels and cushions with iconic images of London in bright yellows and oranges. Or if you’re on a budget, add a splash of Olympic Blue (also known as Pantone 19-4056) against some clean contemporary lines to get into the Olympic fever.

Roomservice By CORT is a company that specializes in furniture rentals, furniture packages, and has a passion for all things interior design.

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Suzanne Lasky, Allied ASID, is the owner and founder of S Interior Design, the exclusive provider of Pawprint Design Services™. Suzanne works with her clients to develop a winning combination of design elements that result in warm, comfortable and functional spaces that reflect each client’s personal style. Suzanne and her team specialize in residential, contract and hospitality interior design, from simple color selections, to office build outs, to restaurant, spa and hotel designs. Suzanne shares her years of expertise through the power of social media. You can follow her on FacebookTwitter, and at this blog. To speak to Suzanne about your interior design needs, please call 480-220-4659 or visit her website at

5 Easy Ways to Create A Bedroom Oasis

We spend between 7-10 hours in our bedroom sleeping, or attempting to sleep.  We also spend time in our bedrooms, getting dressed, reading, ‘relating’ to our partners and sometimes watching TV.  I have found that the master bedroom is often last on the list in terms of interior design attention.

You don’t need to necessarily do a major make over, but you can make it a more inviting space by implementing these

  5 Easy Ideas


1. Warm it Up! Add some new texture to your bedding by incorporating a new throw for the end of the bed, or a few accent pillows. West Elm has some great options to choose from.
Cozy PillowHand Knit Throw


You can also add an area rug in front of your bed or on each side of the bed to provide a comfy treat for your feet in the morning.


2. Add a Scent- Much research has been done on the ability of aromatherapy and its’ value on allowing the mind and body to relax.  We recommend lavender.  You can light a candle, or use scented oil with reeds for a set it and forget it solution.

Lavender Reed Diffuser


3. Adjust your lighting- You may have a ceiling fan with a light kit and/or bedside table lamps.  Regardless, you need to have your lighting on dimmer switches.  Harsh task lighting needs to be reserved for reading and soothing, soft lighting should be available for everything else in your bedroom.  Pink light bulbs are a good option.  This article from ELLE Decor offers additional details to consider for bedroom lighting.

bedroom lighting

4. Add Soothing Sound-Music has been said to ‘soothe the savage beast’.  Do you prefer soft classical music, or prefer the soft trickle of water flowing in a nearby fountain?  Create an ambiance in your room with music that relaxes as well as rejuvenates. Meditation is becoming popular in bedrooms, and relaxing nature sounds can help you refocus and get centered.  Depending on your style of music bring soothing sounds into your bedroom and transport yourself into another state of well-being. (credit to Fresh Home)

5. Get new sheets and pillowcases-When choosing bedding, the saying is ‘you get what you pay for’.  Purchase the highest thread count sheets you can afford! Sheets will make the difference in your sleeping experience.  Luxury hotel beds feel heavenly because of their wonderful bedding.  Fluffy comforters, pillows your head sink into, and sheets that feel luxurious will make your bedroom feel the same way.

Some inspirational web sites to check out are HOUZZ, Traditional Home, House Beautiful and of course HGTV.


Timeless Design and Animal Prints

If you are interested in making a change to a room consider adding an ANIMAL.  This is the type of animal you don’t need to feed or walk. Animal prints of all kinds continue to be everywhere in the world of interior design; upholstery fabrics, area rugs, artwork, wall coverings, and accessories.  I interviewed several managers at the Arizona Design Center and they all independently said the same thing

” Animal prints are TIMELESS “

You may have heard the phrase that “every room can look a little more interesting with a touch of animal in it.” Animal prints can travel the full design spectrum from traditional to ultra contemporary with ease.

Read on to get some ideas about how you can add a bit of animal to your decor!

Take a look at some examples of animal print fabrics found at Kravet Design . Continue reading

7 EZ Decor Changes To Make Before The Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching.

It is not too late to make some decor changes to your home before the holiday guests arrive. Continue reading

Confused About Color Mixing?

Figuring out what colors to combine in your interior design can be challenging.  From paint colors to fabrics knowing which colors will complement one another is crucial to ending up with a pleasing to the eye end result.  You can get out the color wheel, or hire a professional to assist you  (we like that option...S Interior Design).

Another option that should not be overlooked is


Interior Design A-Z: ‘L’ is for Living Rooms… and more

Well here we are at the letter ‘L’.  I asked my creative Facebook friends for their suggestions and was flooded with good ideas!  As a result, I will use many of them in this post representing the letter ‘L’; to be exact, seven of the suggestions will find themselves discussed in this post.

Starting with the word LIVING ROOM.  What design elements comprise a living room?  In our fictional living room, we will have great lamps, accent chairs with fabulous legs upholstered in leopard chenille.  There is a sofa with a linen slip cover and an entertainment center with louvered doors and fabulous decorative latches.

In our living room sits our sofa, flanked by two chairs upholstered in leopard chenille.   Definitely need some great throw pillows for the sofa to pull the rich colors of the fabric and leg stain over. Perhaps introduce some red as an accent color…..  A faux mink throw for the back of the sofa would look good.

Formal living rooms are not too common now a days.  Our living room is quite casual in tone and is home to the second TV in the house so the parents can watch their favorite shows while their teenaged son plays X-Box on the TV in the family room.

A large scale entertainment unit with louvered doors, stained a darker tone to complement the legs on the accent chairs works great.   To one side of the linen sofa, an interesting chest with great latches is used as a table.  The height is balanced by a floor lamp on the other side of  the sofa.

Our room is not quite finished.  The walls will be painted in a soft gray blue tone.  An 8′ x 10′ sisal area rug with a leopard print border anchors the seating arrangement.  Artwork will grace the walls, window treatments, live plants and other accessories will find their home in our fictional living room.


Picture sources include: Pottery Barn (sofa), One-Way Furniture (Leopard Chairs), Lamps Plus (floor lamp)

S Interior Design offers virtual design services and would love to help you either long distance via the internet, or in person in the Phoenix AZ metro area (or beyond if you would like for us to travel to you!)

Interior Design A-Z: ‘K’ is for Kilim

Personally I have a love/hate relationship with Kilim.  Love it for rugs (don’t forget your rug pad, they will slip!),  Love it for footstool covers,  Love it for wall hangings.  Not so sure about for pillow covers.  Why?  Because while they look good, and are textural, often colorful  and interesting to look at, they are NOT face-friendly.

So please proceed to use Kilim pillow covers for the seating that you only sit on, or look at, but don’t use it for the sectional sofa you lie all over at night to watch your favorite TV shows.  For detailed information about Kilim please click on the Wikipedia definition.   I promise you will learn more than you thought possible about Kilims; I know I did.

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