Have you Considered Vintage Decor For Your Home?

I admit, Vintage style decor is not generally my favored style.  That said, there are wonderful re-purposed, unique decorating elements to be found in this genre.  Just take a look at what a Google search of images for Vintage Decor shows.  A search on  Pinterest or Etsy  also yield some very interesting results.

Below is a guest post on the subject of you guessed it—-Creating a Vintage Feel for Your House

ImageJust when you thought you had seen the last of the flower power wall-paper and funky brass wall art from eras gone by, vintage-inspired design has become a popular theme again. As the saying goes “old always becomes new again” and this is certainly true when it comes to the world of home interior design. So, it’s time to start digging through your grandmother’s attic to find some kitschy pieces to add to your home this year. Here are some fun ideas for bringing a touch of the vintage feel into your home.

The Reminiscent Living Room
Love to entertain guests ala “Mad Men” style? Head for your nearest thrift stores and flea markets for some serious sixties finds. Start with a redesign of your seating arrangement with a comfortable couch with glamorous wooden legs, paired with two vintage Eames-era chairs. Cover with plenty of class in velvets, rich brocades, and patterned fabrics. Go for hues of gold, green, orange and browns for a vintage touch. Create throw pillows and pinched window drapes in coordinating fabrics and textures. Use impactful artwork on walls, and include at least one large piece of metal art or a mirror painted in your favorite metallic shade. Add a vintage bar set to your coffee table or a console table nearby.

The Vintage Kitchen
If your favorite space in your home happens to be the kitchen, then a vintage-y kitchen should be your starting point as you decorate. Try taking cues from your Great-aunt Betty’s kitchen with plenty of bright colors inspired by the outdoors. Grab a classic Formica top and metal leg table, and vinyl seat chairs from a local garage sale or vintage shop. Pick your favorite rooster canisters for storing coffee and other staples. Add a big metal wall clock in a flower or star shape. Upgrade your kitchen cabinets with wooden painted doors, and add some counter top paint in a bright shade of orange or green. Then get yourself vintage inspired appliances to grace counter tops.

Vintage Inspired Bedrooms
The vintage bedroom is a romantic and soft place for privacy anytime you need to unwind. Make yours stand out with a large upholstered headboard, with matching drapes in glamorous silk brocade. If your walls need it, add a fresh coat of a soft pastel color to them. Think powder pink, light violet or teal. Then add a chenille bedspread and pillows to your bed. Replace dressers and night tables with retro-look pieces that give the look of your parents’ bedroom from the 50s. Add lamps that are old fashioned with paper shades, and an Electrolux alarm clock for the final touch.

Bathrooms with Classic Appeal
Love to spend hours in the tub soaking with a good novel from Sylvia Plath? Then a vintage bathroom should be on your list. The vintage bathroom usually starts with tile”¦lots of it. Add tiles to your bathroom vanity back-splash and around your tub and commode “” any color will do but pink or yellow is a favorite. Replace your old shower with an over sized cast iron bathtub, complete with ceiling hanging shower curtains. Add crisp cotton window curtains and monogrammed towels to complete the look.

Your vintage home can start with little things that you collect over time, or you can go big with a complete home overhaul. Remember, to have fun and add charm and personality to your home with the vintage look.

About the Author: When she’s not goggling over her new vintage-styled remodeled kitchen, Jillian Watkinson is sitting out in her backyard hammock enjoying a short nap or a lemonade.


Interior Design A-Z: ‘S’ is for Slipcovered Sofas

Slipcovers, love em or hate em?   People generally have a positive or negative opinion about slipcovered furniture.

Personally, I like the look of a custom made tailored slipcover. I also like the functionality that comes with a slipcover made of a washable, easily cleaned fabric.  Slipcovers allow you to quickly and easily change the look and feel of your furniture without investing in brand new pieces.  You can have a lighter, brighter look for summer, and switch to a heavier weight more textured fabric for Fall and Winter.

A quality workroom can fabricate custom slipcovers for your existing furniture.  Keep in mind, it probably will not be inexpensive.  Variables that will impact the cost are the fabric you choose and the size and detail of the furniture you are making the slipcover for.

An on-line resource for slipcovered furnishings is the Nantuckit Furniture Company

The Pottery Barn is perhaps one of the best known sources for slipcovered seating options.

Here are some pros and cons to consider (Source: http: http://www.yourdecoratinghotline.com)


Potential for wrinkles. I hate the mussed, wrinkly, unpressed look of something that laid in the dryer for days (even if it didn’t, it always seem to look that way!).  And who wants to have to iron their sofa?!

Unless your slipcover is custom-made, it rarely fits the furniture well necessitating lots of tucking and pinning and clips to hold the look together.


Today slipcover options include ready-made styles that are more fitted, new furniture that comes with a set of slipcovers, and custom-made slipcovers.  In addition to the usual sofas and loveseats, slipcovers are also now available for chairs (including wing backs and recliners), ottomans, dining chairs and even bed headboards and footboards.

Slipcovers encourage reuse and recycle.  You can simply cover up tired, faded, torn or stained upholstery – giving a fresh new look to your room without having to throw out your current furniture.  This is environmentally conscientious.

So consider the pros and cons and decide if slipcovered seating is right for your home.