Amazing Office Spaces

Most of us have not, nor will ever have the opportunity to work in spaces like these!

Thank you to Cantrell & Crowley Architects & Interior Designers for sharing with us.



Exterior House Color Trends

In the Southwest, Arizona specifically, there is a movement away from the tan, off-white and taupe tones for the exterior paint color of a home or office building.

The harsh Arizona sun makes it challenging to sustain the paint condition of the exterior of your home.  An additional challenge is presented when Home Owners Associations dictate the color palette a home owner may choose their paint colors from.A look at new or recently re-furbished commercial properties (condominiums, apartment complexes, shopping centers) will illustrate the move away from the lighter desert tones TO more vibrant, saturated colors that make a visual design statement and stand up to the harsh environment better.  A trip to any of the new home developments reveal a greater choice of more exciting color options.
Color can be used to highlight or downplay your home’s architectural details (or lack there of).  For example, painting the eaves and fascia the same color as the walls will make a short building look taller, while painting them the same color as the roof will make a tall building look shorter.  Columns, pop-out window details or trim can be highlighted with accent color to draw the eye towards them.

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More Pictures of Completed Design Work

Here are some of the most recent photos of design work S Interior Design has completed.