Client Testimonials

My husband and I recently purchased our first home. We were trying to furnish our great room, but we soon felt we had made poor choices in the few items we had purchased. Add to this the fact my husband prefers contemporary and ethnic styles, while I lean toward the traditional. Frustrated and ready to scrap everything and start over, we called Suzanne for a consultation. In the first hour we were together, we made the decision to move from “just getting some ideas” to having her handle everything.

Suzanne didn’t just work around what we had already purchased; she made those furnishings an integral part of the design. She incorporated both our tastes into the room, combining styles, colors, and textures we never would have dared to try. From paint color to accessories, Suzanne hit on everything. She knew what we wanted even when we didn’t.

Suzanne is organized, punctual, detail-oriented and personable! She did an amazing job of finding beautiful, quality furnishings that worked within our budget. We now have a warm, inviting, sophisticated living space we can be proud to show. We still look around surprised that we actually live here!

Heather Carrico


Color Your World

The economy is struggling,  political battles are in full swing, our environment is being polluted.  No doubt there are plenty of things to feel less than positive about.  As we try to conserve discretionary income, we are tending to stay at home more.  This is the time to make your home environment an upbeat, tranquil one.

But you say, ” I don’t have a lot of money to redecorate/remodel.”.  As many of you have heard before, painting is one of the least expensive, highest impact things you can do to immediately change the look and feel of your home. The most recent Dunn-Edwards newsletter had some interesting information to share about the 2009 Color Forecast.  Below are some excerpts:

Color choices will either be soft and pale, very dark and nocturnal, or full of natural chroma.  The centrifuge for this change is the individual’s drive toward personal expression–that innate need to emote qualities and characteristics that make us uniquely us.

One influence is increasing globalization….Another powerful influence is the global momentum behind sustainability….

Dunn Edwards goes on to classify and give fun marketing names to eleven color schemes.

If you are ready to try some new paint color in your home, don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  Go outside your color comfort zone and see what happens.

If you would like assistance, S Interior Design would love to help.  We bring our Dunn Edwards paint color kit to you! 480-220-4659,

Kitchen Remodel by S Interior Design - Very colorful!

Kitchen Remodel by S Interior Design - Very colorful!

Lost Our Home Pet Foundation

Today I got to help out an amazing group-Lost Our Home Pet Foundation.  This group is composed of realtors who were dismayed by the number of pets being abandoned in homes that were foreclosed on  Dogs, cats, puppies etc.   The event is in Paradise Valley, AZ at the Francescian Renewal Center.   The center hosts a blessing service for animals every year and allows groups to come and set up for adoptions.

As an interior designer who offers Pawprint Design Services ™, I am thrilled to be able to assist in the Lost Our Home Pet Foundation mission to rescue and find homes for these forgotten pets. is the blog/web site to check for additional information about this great group.