The Vignette–Every Successful Design Should Master This!

Great share from HOUZZ about design vignettes.  About 15 years ago I tried explaining ‘The Vignette’ to my husband who insisted it was a description being used incorrectly.  For those of us in the professional design industry, it is a very commonly used phrase–read the article below and try your hand at creating new vignetttes in your home!



Sinks And Color Get Married

Color is back!  Kohler one of the most widely known names in bath and kitchen  fixtures  including sinks, tubs, toilets, faucets, showers  and more has partnered with renowned designer Jonathan Adler to launch a new line of kitchen and bathroom sinks in an unexpected color palette.

Johnathan Adler Limited Edition Colors

Sample Tiles


As stated by Adler in the Kohler Idea book : ” Your home should be happy.  You should feel like you’re walking into your favorite song on the radio.  Color sets the mood; it’s the first thing you notice when you walk into a room.”

S Interior Design is looking forward to designing a kitchen or bath with beautiful white quartz counter tops and one of these colorful sinks .
In addition to the 4 Jonathan Adler special edition colors, Kohler has 29 other color options to choose from.

Kohler DemiLav Sink



Exterior House Color Trends

In the Southwest, Arizona specifically, there is a movement away from the tan, off-white and taupe tones for the exterior paint color of a home or office building.

The harsh Arizona sun makes it challenging to sustain the paint condition of the exterior of your home.  An additional challenge is presented when Home Owners Associations dictate the color palette a home owner may choose their paint colors from.A look at new or recently re-furbished commercial properties (condominiums, apartment complexes, shopping centers) will illustrate the move away from the lighter desert tones TO more vibrant, saturated colors that make a visual design statement and stand up to the harsh environment better.  A trip to any of the new home developments reveal a greater choice of more exciting color options.
Color can be used to highlight or downplay your home’s architectural details (or lack there of).  For example, painting the eaves and fascia the same color as the walls will make a short building look taller, while painting them the same color as the roof will make a tall building look shorter.  Columns, pop-out window details or trim can be highlighted with accent color to draw the eye towards them.

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Color Your World

The economy is struggling,  political battles are in full swing, our environment is being polluted.  No doubt there are plenty of things to feel less than positive about.  As we try to conserve discretionary income, we are tending to stay at home more.  This is the time to make your home environment an upbeat, tranquil one.

But you say, ” I don’t have a lot of money to redecorate/remodel.”.  As many of you have heard before, painting is one of the least expensive, highest impact things you can do to immediately change the look and feel of your home. The most recent Dunn-Edwards newsletter had some interesting information to share about the 2009 Color Forecast.  Below are some excerpts:

Color choices will either be soft and pale, very dark and nocturnal, or full of natural chroma.  The centrifuge for this change is the individual’s drive toward personal expression–that innate need to emote qualities and characteristics that make us uniquely us.

One influence is increasing globalization….Another powerful influence is the global momentum behind sustainability….

Dunn Edwards goes on to classify and give fun marketing names to eleven color schemes.

If you are ready to try some new paint color in your home, don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  Go outside your color comfort zone and see what happens.

If you would like assistance, S Interior Design would love to help.  We bring our Dunn Edwards paint color kit to you! 480-220-4659,

Kitchen Remodel by S Interior Design - Very colorful!

Kitchen Remodel by S Interior Design - Very colorful!