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How To Bring the Outdoors In

Here in AZ it is finally time to throw open the doors, slide open the windows and enjoy time outside.  The following infographic describes some easy ways to create visual and functional flow between the inside of your home and the outside spaces. (please ‘click’ on the image to get a larger, more readable size)

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Top 5 Urban Kitchen Design Trends

The guest post below is written by an author who lives in London.  So often, design trends begin in Europe and then filter over to the United States.  With more and more downtown revitalization projects happening  across the U.S. metro areas, urban living is once again becoming more popular for younger adults as well as active retirees who want to be close to the ‘vibe’ of downtown living.   Take a read of some of the kitchen design trends that fit the urban living profile.


While some homemakers have transformed their kitchen into bistro-style hangouts, others have made them look like art galleries.  And even more people have redesigned their kitchens into culinary studios.  Whatever style you choose for your kitchen, popular design trends can help you make a bold statement.  With the selection of different textiles these days, everyone is going for a ‘transitional’ design rather than a traditional one.  So here are my top five urban kitchen design palettes that will help you create a functional and entertaining hangout.



A stark white kitchen with bold hues of emerald is a striking choice this year.  You can play with white, shades of grey and incorporate emerald into your seat cushions, a set of vertical drawers or cabinetry, or an accent wall.  As a vibrant backdrop, the emerald trend will look refreshing against white walls but also add invigorating warmth to your kitchen.


If you’re inspired by waterfront bars or cafés, you’ll enjoy turning your kitchen into a coastal retreat.   This year the colour blue is on everyone’s renovation radar and never fails to impress.

Pastel shades like powder blue can feel smart and sophisticated against a crisp white canvas.  Modern details like recessed spotlights, stainless steel fridge freezer, contemporary bar stools and a painted pantry door keep the overall look fresh.  Have a look at Wickes doors online for a variety of styles to add doors and dress your windows.

Wooden floors with a woven blue Persian rug, sanded furniture and minimal décor helps you achieve a tranquil atmosphere.


A fluorescent touch is all the hype this year, so if you’re high-tech kitchen could use a splash of colour, don’t be shy to accessorize with neon placemats or even include yellow, pink and green bar stools on a grey backdrop.

This trend complements kitchen technology enthusiasts so you can turn your kitchen into an internet café.  A deep stainless steel basin with tall faucets built-in to your marble island counter is a contemporary and practical design.  Mirrored sliding doors for your food pantry and suspended single-track lighting like built-in LEDs will enhance the neon theme.


Neutrals like shale, flannel grey and pewter also take dominance this year. So if you can find nice suede wallpaper and layer your kitchen with chrome hardware.  You can sharpen the overall design of your kitchen with stained, painted or frosted glass cabinetry.

Incorporate wood and copper elements such as tables, stools, frames or décor pieces.



High energy colour palettes including bright yellow, red chilli and electric blue add character to your kitchen.  Install stainless steel cabinetry and a unique countertop like marble, basalt, glass, steel or limestone instead of the typical granite.

Whether its bold geometric patterns or botanical prints, you can create a fun retro space and further experiment with contrasting wallpaper, cushions or backsplashes.

With inspiration from India’s roadside kitchens or Lebanon’s bustling street counters, you can use bold colors like tango orange, purple or green along with printed backgrounds for a lively look. A popular design element is the accent cabinet so you can add a vertical accent column by painting a set of drawers or selecting coloImage

red cabinetry.

Author bio: Amna Alam is a London-based freelance writer who enjoys film, fashion and interior design.

4 Home Trends For Summer Time

I am excited to share this guest blog post that high- lights design ideas to implement both inside and outside for summer time enjoyment.

4 Interior and Exterior Home Trends for Summer

2013 has seen a whirlwind of changes in interior design style and this season we are seeing four interior (as well as exterior) trends that we feel truly captures the essence of summer. Some of these trends have been seen in the world of fashion but unlike the latest print dress, these styles are here to stay for the summer and through to your next big home renovation.

  1. Stripes and Geometrics Patterns

Last year we saw the implementation of several floral designs over the summer season but now stripes and geometric patterns are taking center stage. Outdoor patios can feel welcoming and stylish with a custom striped patio cover and even windows are seeing a change with fabric awnings featuring geometric or stripped designs.



Inside the home, guest half-bathrooms are dressed up with geometric wall paper, creating the illusion of space and the fact of style. Bedroom accent walls are being painted with vibrant natural chevron patterns and striped ceilings are fun, inviting and lengthening. While stripes and geometric patterns may not be for everyone; their bold designs, inviting nature and vibrant natural colors are reminiscent of a comfortable and fashionable home.

  1. Neutrals and Naturals

Stripes and geometric patterns may be bold but they are off-set this season by the trend of neutral colors and natural materials. Eco-friendly designs are proven to be sustainable, resulting in a celebration of organic space and conservative style. More is less with this summer approach as interior designers are creating spaces with light colors, wooden accents and greenery. The more neutral colors and natural elements, the less the home feels stuffy and uncomfortable.


  1. Flora and Fauna (decks, interior walls)

To contribute to the natural furniture elements found within the Neutrals and Naturals trend, floral designs are becoming a large part of interior design for 2013. We see full interior walls showcasing fresh herbs, flowers and ferns. The introduction of plants into the home creates a natural atmosphere where guests and family feel truly relaxed. We are also seeing this trend on patios, decks and outdoor living spaces. Large modern pots, elevated gardens and balcony planters each are filled with flora and fauna, creating an outdoor oasis for homeowners.


  1. Bold Pops of Color Indoor and Out

Many homeowners are noticing the latest summer designs of bold colors. For the last several years, we’ve seen pops of neon color but as interior style tones down; we see neutrally painted rooms with natural furniture elements and then the sudden pop of natural color. Whether it is in the form of a bright purple orchid, a navy blue accent pillow or a yellow vase, these pops of bold color bring brightness, lightness and color to a simplistic room.


On the exterior of the home, we are also seeing brightly painted doors, planting pots and colorful window awnings, adding personality to what would normally be considered an average home. These splashes of color in conjunction with elaborately floral decks create a unique home look that unparalleled throughout any neighborhood.


Your Home This Summer

The latest changes to interior and exterior design truly capture the essence of summer and we hope that this season you have the option of designing your home with one of our favorite designers, Suzanne Lasky of S Interior Design.

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Chevron Room      Bathroom

Striped Awning   Hanging Greenery

Deck      Neutral Bed Set

Natural Room    Outdoor Color with Blue

 Bright Door      Fabric Awning

High Point Highlights- Spring 2013

Some great design tips and ideas from the High Point, N.C. Market which just passed.
Colors, neutrals, patterns, floral, geometric, organic……….all were represented.  There is no 1 right way to design, there is not the 1 trend to follow.  This illustrates what S Interior Design always tells her clients “the only thing to be aware of is what you like and want,  don’t worry about what is trendy or in.”


Take a look at this video from one of my favorite celebrity designers Candice Olson speaking at Surya Rugs and Textiles.   When stating from ‘scratch’ in a room, beginning with the area rug selection is often a great way to begin the design.


Here is a link to a blog by ‘Design Addict Mom‘ who shows us great images from her time at Market .



Balance In Your Interior Design

Last we spoke of scale and proportion.  Today’s post will talk about BALANCE.

Just like you are attracted to a color but don’t really know why, you will be attracted to either a SYMMETRICAL design style, or an  ASYMMETRICAL design style.

Symmetrical balance creates a mirror image by the placement of items that are identical on both sides of a central point.  Think 2 twin beds with a nightstand in between.  The beds have the same bed style and the same bedding, the night stands and lamps are identical.  How does this picture make you feel?

Symmetrical Example

Symmetrical balance suggests formality, orderliness and restraint.

Asymmetrical balance requires finding objects that are compatible but varied enough to be interesting. Objects and furniture balance well because they are judged by their visual weight, not pairings.  For example, you may have a large sofa  on one side of a room that is balanced by two large chairs with an accent table in the middle.

Note the height of the tall white vessel and the floor lamp.  It is the visual ‘likeness’ that creates balance.
asymmetrical balance suggests a more informal or ‘active’ room.

Okay, how do you react to the picture used to illustrate asymmetrical balance?

Look around your rooms and you will quickly see what type of ‘balance’ of design elements you are most comfortable with.

Tomorrow wear a non-matching set of jewelry if you usually always ‘match’ .  Start playing around and see where it all leads!

Interior Design Follows Fashion

Where do the ‘trends’ for interior design come from?  In a word-FASHION

This year’s direction has an overall theme of modern elegance and casual luxury.  Shine, plush textures neutral color palettes with pops of bright color are in the fore front.

Gray is the basic neutral of the year.  Try gray velvet for a sofa or chair.  Take it to the next level by diamond tufting the back.   This bed by Bernhardt is a perfect visual example of the style that is becoming ‘in trend’.Take it up a notch by adding some extra bling in the form of  diamond/pave buttons in each of the tufts.

Yellow, navy, teal and cobalt are the pops of color to use on top of your neutrals.  Pillows and throws of these ‘happy’ colors on the top of your neutral linen sofa will bring life to any room.