The Vignette–Every Successful Design Should Master This!

Great share from HOUZZ about design vignettes.  About 15 years ago I tried explaining ‘The Vignette’ to my husband who insisted it was a description being used incorrectly.  For those of us in the professional design industry, it is a very commonly used phrase–read the article below and try your hand at creating new vignetttes in your home!



How To Bring the Outdoors In

Here in AZ it is finally time to throw open the doors, slide open the windows and enjoy time outside.  The following infographic describes some easy ways to create visual and functional flow between the inside of your home and the outside spaces. (please ‘click’ on the image to get a larger, more readable size)

Shutter Co-Outdoor_IG

Interior Design for the World of Babies and Children

I have said it many times — the children always come first.  When there is a design budget and prioritization needs to occur, 9 times out of 10 the design of the children’s rooms will come before the master bedroom design.

We are fortunate to live in a time where there are fabulous design options available to help us make our little one’s rooms look great.  One of our new discoveries is Pink Taffy Designs.  They have a great on-line children’s boutique where you can find everything from bedding to clothing for your little ones.

They are having a contest to win a set of their hand crafted wall letters. You can use the letters to spell out your child’s name, or a word of choice.  They also make great gifts for new parents.

Here is the link to click on to enter the contest.  Hurry though, it is only available a few more weeks.



Timeless Design and Animal Prints

If you are interested in making a change to a room consider adding an ANIMAL.  This is the type of animal you don’t need to feed or walk. Animal prints of all kinds continue to be everywhere in the world of interior design; upholstery fabrics, area rugs, artwork, wall coverings, and accessories.  I interviewed several managers at the Arizona Design Center and they all independently said the same thing

” Animal prints are TIMELESS “

You may have heard the phrase that “every room can look a little more interesting with a touch of animal in it.” Animal prints can travel the full design spectrum from traditional to ultra contemporary with ease.

Read on to get some ideas about how you can add a bit of animal to your decor!

Take a look at some examples of animal print fabrics found at Kravet Design . Continue reading

EZ Design Changes to Make NOW #2

Here’s EZ Design Change #2 to consider
Paint a ceiling. Yes, that’s right, you read correctly, PAINT A CEILING
The ceiling or 5th wall as it is sometimes referred to, should not be ignored. The entire feeling of a space can be enhanced by painting a ceiling.  You can choose a complementary color, or simply a darker or lighter shade of the wall color.

If you are feeling even more inspired, you can add faux beams, ceiling tin tiles, or a custom mural to your ceiling.  Even in a standard 8′-0″ high room,  color or other design elements on the ceiling will add personality and interest to  a room.

S Interior Design always paints the ceilings in powder rooms.  No, it will not make it feel smaller, don’t worry 🙂

Painted ceiling

Think You Can’t Afford Custom Furniture?

Think you can’t afford custom furniture designed just for you by an interior designer?  You may reconsider after this video giving you a glimpse into the upholstered furniture design process as described by S Interior Design in a short video.

This beautiful sofa was designed at Pacific Furniture by S Interior Design just 6 short weeks ago.  We were able to choose a firmer foam fill for the seat cushions to make the husband happy, and a softer ‘cloud’ fill for the back cushions to make the wife happy.  The arm style, dimensions and overall look were all customized to fit this specific client’s design aesthetic. Designed in an about an hour and  one-half,  fabricated  in just 4 weeks by a local manufacturer so no freight charges were incurred.

You can watch a short video that will ‘walk’ you through the custom upholstery design steps we followed.