Everything Old is New?

I am sure a lot of you have realized that retro, recycled, renewed are all very popular terms used in the design community right now.

Personally, I love it all!  I just acquired a beautiful 72″D table made from reclaimed wood planks.  It is placed on an Recycled wood table ‘area rug’ made from FLOR carpet tiles (renewable, recycled,eco-friendly materials).  In the same room is a small stool from China (also old wood).  There is  a Solar Tube sky light in the room that provides wonderful natural light for most of the day eliminating the need to switch on electrical light sources.

As a designer I delight in mixing old and rustic with new and modern design elements. Hanging above the table is a drum shade chandelier that is contemporary in style.  Soon (it has been ordered) a 30″ Carrerra Marble Lazy Susan will sit in the middle of the table. 

The key to a unique design that tells a personal story is mixing old with new, rustic with refined, neutral with color and rough textures with smoother ones.


Dining Room Decor

Below is shown a guest post about the design elements that compose a dining room.  S Interior Design has added commentary which is shown in red font type.  We also took the liberty of adding some photos.  Enjoy!

5 Accent Pieces that can Change your Dining Room





Putting a dining room together is one of the most important steps when completing the layout of your home. After all, this is one of the most important rooms in your home! You will have romantic candlelit dinners and festive family get-togethers, tasty meals and perhaps even family game night all around your dining room table.  Even though we are just through the holiday season of entertaining, having a functional and beautiful dining room is always important.

Choosing just the right furniture in your price point is feasible and can actually be a really fun experience. One of the main goals is to make sure the dining room area matches the rest of the home’s flow of decor. It doesn’t mean that the colors and exact feel need to simply be duplicated, however you don’t want to create a room that feels completely out-of-place from the rest of your décor. This is accomplished by the used of repeating design elements such as wall colors, and furniture styles–just remember–sets are predictable, break up the set!

Dining room accents can come in many different ways. You can have a table, chairs, picture frames or elegant rugs just to mention a few of the accents that will decor you dining room just the way you’ve always wanted. Of course you can’t forget the lighting! Perhaps something soft and romantic like mid century modern lighting is your style. As you can see there are many ways to improve your space but let’s stick with 5 simple ways to take your dining room from blah to brilliant.  Lighting is a crucial design element here as in all rooms, you definitely want your dining room lighting to be on a dimmer switch to support the mood of the occasion.  Also you need to make sure the lighting is of the proper size and scale for the room and the design aesthetic you are seeking.

1. Dining Room Table

The main accent piece that will bring your dining room together is the dining room table. A dining room table accent that has a high quality wood with a luxurious style will certainly help to tie the room together with great results. Don’t forget about a round table as an option.  Round tables encourage intimacy among diners.

2. Decorative Chairs

Decorative chairs to complement your dining room table are another great accent that will change your dining room just the way you want. Although most of the time the chairs will come together with the table as a set, choosing your chairs individually can also be an option. Two of the main aspects to consider when investing on chairs for you dining room are comfort and style. At the very least, choose different chairs for the head of the table when working with a rectangular shaped table.  You can vary the upholstery or the entire chair style.

3. Wall Art

Another accent that can complement your dining room beautifully is wall art. Wall art pictures can really enhance your dining room with a unique style and fashion. You can be certain that with just the right kind of art, you will surely complete your dining room to perfection.

4. Rugs

Luxurious rugs make for also great accents for your dining room. Tying the room together is easily done with an elegant rug. Many of the rugs that are sold nowadays can easily go for a great affordable price. Shopping around will easily help you find the rug that will work perfectly as an accent for your dining room. Make sure the rug is large enough so when diners push the chair back from the table the chair is still on the area rug.