Home Design That Welcomes The Outdoors IN!

Finally the weather is turning a bit more pleasant. Spring has sprung in much of the country (or will soon……).   S Interior Design is based in Arizona and it is definitely time to enjoy the outdoors before the triple digit temperature arrives. Below is a guest post about a home renovation in Australia that fully recognizes the opportunity to meld the outdoors with the interior spaces.  Quite beautiful!

Clayfield renovation (Bayview) – Bringing the outdoors in

 Brisbane is blessed with a gorgeous sub-tropical climate that lends itself to an outdoor lifestyle, and the suburb of Clayfield is a perfect example of this desire to spend time connected to nature. So it’s not surprising that the owners of this pre-1946 Californian Bungalow requested that Dion Seminara Architecture create for them a home that would fully take advantage of the predominantly fine weather.

The renovation involved an addition to the rear of the existing home which consisted of a dining space and a stunning new kitchen. A deck and courtyard were built at the rear of the home with sliding doors from the kitchen/dining room opening the home up onto this area. The result of this is immediately noticeable as the transition from inside to outside is seamless, resulting in a feeling of freedom and a connection when entertain in the courtyard area.


On those days that are less than ideal due to rain or the occasional cold change, the interior of the home can be closed off creating an intimate space that is warm and comforting.


At the front of the property a new double car port blends into the existing home, with a remote-controlled gate sealing off this area from the street. A new gate and gatehouse added to what already was an appealing streetscape and the re-landscaped front yard now takes on the appearance of a pleasant little courtyard itself.

Inside the little used main bedroom and hallway were originally the main beneficiaries of the prevailing north-east breezes that cross the property. Given that not much time was spent in these spaces they were renovated to create a gorgeous, naturally ventilated new living area that features an abundance of natural light. Creating a truly inviting space that thanks to the air-flow and natural illumination, further enhances the feeling of connection with the great Australian outdoors.

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3 Creative Ways to Save on Remodel/Build Projects

I was approached to host this guest post for our blog.  Of course, before we accept a guest post, we research the company that is asking for the placement.  The post below provides some interesting ideas to consider before embarking on a Remodel or even a new Build of a home.  The writer supports a company that provides building plans for a set fee, versus hiring of an independent architect to create plans from scratch.  With these plans in hand, you MUST still build your local team of experts including the general contractor and an interior designer.

How to Save on Remodeling in Today’s Economy


Sometimes embarking on a remodel of your home is done not just because you need a change of scenery, sometimes it is out of sheer necessity. With families growing, more adults are keeping residence in their birth homes and people moving back in, the home that you’re in right now, may be bursting at the seams.

Also, because of an unfavorable job market due to a shaky economy, people are turning to self employment and setting up home offices or running businesses from their home.

Remodeling is now more than just a stylistic option because you want to change the look of a room, it has become somewhat mandatory since the home itself has become re-purposed. But what does this mean for you if you NEED to remodel your home but you can’t necessarily afford to? Chances are, you’ve already solicited a quote from a contractor and realized that remodeling price tags that read $60,000.00 are par for course. What’s even more daunting is that the average American makes significantly less than this per annum which means that for many of us, remodeling, while necessary, may be nothing more than a pipe dream.

Don’t worry! We can’t promise to cut your costs in half but we can provide you with a few tips that can help you achieve your remodeling goal based on your financial limitations. One example from inception is that you can save on house plans and floor plans by actually doing them yourself seeking the reduced-cost services of online vendors who specialize in these plans, solely. Here are a few others that you can use today!
Ask you contractor to dip into his leftovers!

Contractors almost always have surplus building materials from jobs that they have completed and they may not always find a use for them. Ask your contractor if he has anything in stock that would be suitable for the remodeling you’re engaging in that he would be willing to utilize either gratis or at a reduced cost.
Let go of the “‘Aint nothing like the real thing, baby!” mentality!

There are certain accent materials that look wonderful and will last a long time that you may want in your remodeled home – but they cost an arm and a leg. The material market now however has really met the needs of the consumer on a budget and has produced comparable, reasonable facsimiles that you can use instead of pricey originals. Solid oak flooring is very expensive, but you can use engineered oak flooring instead that is significantly cheaper and equally attractive and durable.

3.      Going once, going twice, SOLD!

Building supply auctions are a great opportunity for you to outfit your home with high-end materials, furnishings and appliances for much less than the retailers can ever dream of offering. Federal Government Surplus and Seized Property Sales are exciting avenues you can turn to to get the most bang for your buck. Do you research and you’ll come out a winner!


Christine Cooney loves learning about architecture, gardening, and cottage house plans. Her goal is to devise contemporary home plans for her own dream house.