The Rule of 3- By Fresh Home

Great article about the pleasing use of  ‘3′ items, colors, fabrics etc. when decorating and designing.

The rule of three is a guideline that can be bent. Essentially, it was put into place so that people understand that a odd-number of items is more interesting than an even-number of items.  So, yes, you can arrange 5 items or 9 items into a grouping and still achieve the same visual interest.

Rule of 3modern-bathroomThen again there are people who absolutely love a symmetrical design layout  and 2, 4, 6 will work better for their eye.


EZ Tips When Picking Window Treatment Hardware

The type of rod and finial you chose to hang your drapery from can make or break the final visual outcome.  The dimension of the rod should be big enough to balance the overall height of the ceiling.  for example, a 1″ diameter rod will look unbalanced in terms of scale hanging in a room with a ceiling that is higher than 8′-0″ high.

An analogy that is sometimes used for cabinetry hardware applies to the drapery rod finials; the finials are like the jewelry for your window treatments.  Like so many design choices, the options for finials are massive.  Here is a picture of two final designs S Interior Design is using in a project currently.  They will be going on operable drapery that will be in two separate rooms. The rods are 1 3/4″ in diameter, and the ceiling height is 10′-0″.  The finials themselves are 5″wide  x 5″high and 7 1/2″ wide by 5″high respectively.

Take a look at a video showing a professional doing a measurement for the spaces these lovely finials will finally be used.  All 140 yards of fabric that will be used were ordered today!

Custom Window Treatment Design

When creating custom window treatments, taking the right measurements of the windows and doors is crucial.  Take a look at a professional site measure that was done for an S Interior Design client today .  Can’t wait to share the finished room !!

Here are some of the ‘naked’ windows that are being measured to make sure that their ‘clothing’ or drapes and hardware will fit properly.

The Interior Design Blog Begins

New to blogging, but not new to interior design.  I am looking forward to sharing my work and interacting with other WordPress members who have an interest in Interior Design.  I have a traditional web site, but in today’s world that is not enough!  Below is a photo of a kitchen I just completed for a client.

1978 Drab to 2008 WOW

1978 Drab to 2008 WOW