Kitchen Remodel Time

At this time of the year we are spending more than the usual amount of time in our kitchens preparing holiday feasts and yummy treats.  This can be the trigger point—TIME TO REMODEL THE KITCHEN!  Is your kitchen failing you functionally?  Are the cabinets dated or in disrepair?  Are you just in need of an overall update including new appliances, cabinets, lighting and flooring

As many of you know, kitchen remodels are one of the best investments you can make in your home in terms of payback when you choose to sell the home.  More importantly, it is almost always the space your family and friends spend time in and it needs to look and work great.  S Interior Design has a detailed process we follow when working with clients on kitchen remodels that examines all the aspects functional and decorative, so when the work begins, the design plan is fully developed.  Modern classic design, contemporary and modern, cozy and country …whatever the style we can help you make the dream into a reality

Below is a guest post from ‘Across the Pond’ on the subject of kitchen remodeling.

Choosing a kitchen design that really suits you

Whether you need to make the best of a small or an oddly shaped space, or you have plenty of room but want to make the most of your investment, designing your own kitchen gives you the freedom to match your space precisely to your own needs. Taking a personalized approach lets you factor in a mini office, for example, if you work from home – or install a safe play area for when you need to keep an eye on your toddler while you make meals. But it’s easy to feel rather bamboozled by the array of design “solutions”.

Great Jubilee Wharf 2

Rather than giving up and compromising with a) a premade kitchen or b) whatever the kitchen showroom sales schedule pushes you towards, take control of the situation with a balance of logic, planning and personal style.

What don’t you need?

In order to achieve ideal bespoke kitchens without spending more than you need to, you’ll need to figure out what you really do need and keep on top of what you don’t. Be honest with yourself here; are you a chef or a socializer? What would you really like to be doing in your kitchen?



This isn’t always cooking, although a well thought out kitchen layout can often make cooking much easier.  For example, if you currently have to prepare meals on top of the washing machine, you’re probably less inclined to spend time on complicated recipes. A simple kitchen redesign can transform an awkward space into one where cooking becomes a relaxing pleasure.

And then there’s the eating part of it. Do you have a dining room, or do you need to make space in your kitchen for sit down meals, and possibly homework? You may not eat at the table now, but a kitchen redesign can effect a lifestyle change as well as add value to your house.

How tidy are you really?

The other area where honesty is essential is your own tidiness. Untidiness can be the result of having too much stuff, or at least not having enough storage space to assign homes for everything – but it can also be because you’re too busy or you simply can’t be bothered to put things away. If opening and closing cupboard doors sounds like your (or your family’s) idea of hard work, perhaps you’re better off having shelves instead, where items can be easily found with eyes instead of memory and exploration – and where you can easily stash stuff to keep it off the work surface.

Using online kitchen planners

If you want to play around before you hire a kitchen designer or commit to any particular company, there are plenty of kitchen planners available online. They range from what are essentially interactive photos that let you explore different finishes and effects, to complete tools that let you drag units around the virtual floors pace to see how things fit.

The latter needs more input from you, mostly in the form of measurements.  The measurements need to be accurate!  If you don’t have time to do this yourself, it’s best to hire a kitchen designer to do it for you, but at least make time to think about your needs first – the best designers will know which questions to ask you in order to find out, but they’re not mind-readers