Designing With Layers

Are you seeking that beautiful, finished looking room?  A room that looks like it is brand new, yet has been with you forever?  When you get the brand new furniture delivered and placed, why doesn’t it have the same ‘wow’ feeling you felt when you saw it displayed in the furniture store?  Lack of layers is probably the answer.

A lack of layers can lead to an impersonal, unwelcoming space.  Just like any art form, the design of an interior space involves layering.   A common conversation S Interior Design has with their clients is reflected in the attached video.

Well, one of the secrets to obtaining that look and feel is —

DESIGNING WITH LAYERS   By layers we mean incorporating different materials, textures, patterns, colors, and shapes in your rooms

Some examples :

Sofa -1 tone pillows and main fabric OR with a contrasting fabric on the pillows–Just by adding a layer of color and pattern, the whole personality of the sofa has changed!  If a throw in a complementary color with a nubby texture was added, it would become even more visually appealing.   Of course the layer of the sofa table behind the sofa layered with candle stick holders and other accessories helps too!

The floor in any room is a great opportunity to add visual and tactile layers.  A wood floor is beautiful.  Adding a great area rug on top of the wood floor in the proper size and location can add color and texture and change the entire personality of the space.

Here is a link to a good article about how to visually layer with multiple patterns

Via Erinn Valencich

Here is a super vibrant visually busy example of pattern mixing.  It works because of the common design element of color.