3 Bathroom Lighting Tips

Below is a guest post on the important subject of getting your bathroom properly lit.  Like any other room, the bathroom should have layers of lighting to use that is separately switched depending on the functional needs of the space at any given time.

3 Ideas for Bathroom Lighting
By Jane Blanchard

Your day starts in your bathroom. Why settle for anything less than the best? Unfortunately, most bathroom lighting is completely neglected, leaving the room feeling sterile or depressing — and not allowing yourself to see you in good light. Instead of simply accepting it as it is, use these ideas to light your bathroom to give you a bright start to your mornings.

Mirror Lighting

bath light
Via Modernize

How many bathrooms have lights directly on top of the mirror? While ceiling lights are perfect for providing good visibility, they’re hardly romantic or helpful when you have to groom up close. Because of the stark shadows they create, applying your make-up or shaving your face can be extremely hard to see. Instead, turn to lights that fit on the sides of the mirror. These include sconces, bath bars and vanity lights. They are far better for lighting the face in a way that lets you successfully groom. If there happens to be no room for side lighting, opt for a horizontal vanity light to fit across the top of the mirror. The best are those with bulbs of different shades to maximize clarity.

Daylight Model

Another way to spruce up the bathroom is to mimic natural light. Even if you have a window, the sun may or may not ever stream into the bathroom. Aside from this, daylight is what will reflect off of your clothes and hair so trying to capture its essence is important to making sure you are ready to take on the day. For this choice, you’ll want to invest in white shades that are clear, frosted and any other option. This, however, will depend on the type of bulb you use. The varying kinds render colors differently so not all “white” categorizations can be trusted. For LEDs, go for temperature ranging from 2700K to 3000K. Compact fluorescent bulbs should always have a color rendering index at or above 90 and should have the same temperature range as the LED. Finally, incandescent bulbs must be labeled “white” or have the previously indicated temperature range.

Mood Lighting

Finally, it’s important to remember that the bathroom is not always a room used for getting ready for the day. In fact, it is often used for bubble baths and other relaxing activities. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure there are at least two settings for the lights. This, however, can be achieved through more than just extra lighting fixtures strewn about. For those who like what they have, install a dimmer. With this, you can control the intensity of the lights. For those that like a lot of decorative additions, bring in flush ceiling lights or small chandeliers to act as relaxed mood lighting. Even more than this, lamps can be brought in, assuming there is enough counter top space.

To learn about more creative ways to light up your home, visit Modernize.com.


LED Lighting: Pros and Kind of a Con

led light

Below is a guest post on the subject of using LED lighting options for the interior and exterior of your home (or office for that matter!). S Interior Design specifies LED light options for all of our client projects.    Even if it is simply replacing existing recessed can light bulbs with an LED option, the new light output can make a big difference in how the space looks. Continue reading

LED Lighting– Good to Know

An article from HOUZZ describing the benefits of LED lights and showing some of the most common applications.  As  designer, I am specifying LED lighting for all of my remodel projects.

101 Designer Secrets — #19, #21 and #22

101 Designer Secrets–#19, #20 and #22

The May issue of House Beautiful magazine has a 4 page spread of 101 Designer Secrets.  We read them and decided to share along with some commentary.  Not all 101 will be shared, but you can click on the link above to HB, or subscribe to their hard copy magazine to read them all if you wish to.  Here are some related to bathroom design.

#19: Never use a sconce over a mirror in the bathroom–it will cast unflattering shadows across the face.  Sconces that flank the mirror will give  a more realistic and flattering light-Ron Southern


Yes, yes, yes.  I am endlessly trying to eradicate the world of light bars or recessed lights in bathrooms over mirrors for this reason.  While that is true, there are instances where the architecture will not allow for sconces to be placed flanking a mirror.  Here is one example of what S Interior Design did to work around that issue.  The light is a flexible track mounted to the electrical box above the mirror and curved to flank the mirror.

#21: I recommend a height of 36″ for a bathroom vanity instead of the standard 30″.  It’s much more ergonomic and comfortable all around – Jason Bell


This is absolutely the  truth unless of course you are 5’0″ tall.   We always use a 36″ high vanity unless height of the user dictates other wise.  In shared bathrooms with one partner being extra tall, we have even installed 42″ high vanities.

# 22:  Instead of a towel bar, mount 5 robe hooks 68″ high for towels and robes-Robert Stilin


 We very often recommend using hooks instead of towel bars.  Sometimes the functional needs and space dictate that a combination of the two be used.  How annoying is it to have to reach far out of the shower to reach a towel bar mounted 2-3 feet away?  Absolutely add the hooks!  Hooks mounted in a bathroom at child friendly heights are also a good idea to keep towels off the floor in bathrooms kids will be using.

Sunlit Interiors

I always say there is no better light source than natural light and always strive to leverage it in my designs.  Here in perpetually sunny Arizona, we are fortunate to  have a lot of sunny days to enjoy.   When Arcadian Lighting  offered to write a guest post on this subject for our blog, I was very pleased. Here it is, enjoy the fabulous visuals.

Arcadian Lighting is an e-commerce website that specializes in top lighting ideas around the world, and while I may write for them now, I had already been a fan of their site for years. I’ve been writing about home decor for almost half of my lifetime, and it’s given me a deep love and appreciation for style and creativity when it comes to interior design. And that’s why I love blogs by professional designers like Suzanne Lasky – what could be better than getting ideas straight from the expert? Thanks for letting me guest post here today Suzanne!

While light fixtures such as ceiling lights and wall sconces can illuminate a space, there’s something that is just as beautiful: sunlit interiors. Sun-drenched dining rooms and glass-walled bedrooms, bright bathrooms and living rooms full of sunshine, these eight rooms take advantage of Mother Nature’s greatest asset.

Mellow yellow

Design Home Interior via

As if the sunlight coming through the massive windows weren’t enough, this living room also has yellow walls to keep the space bright. The dark brown wood furniture and exposed paneling provide a nice contrast.

The brightness of whiteness

decorpad via

White looks all the more clean and crisp with an abundance of natural sunlight -this striking kitchen may have a stylish ceiling light, but the multiple windows are ample enough.

Second is just as important

Home Bunch via

Secondary transitional spaces like hallways and staircases crave just as much sunlight as main living spaces – in this image the size of the window may not be seen but the wealth of sunlight can’t be denied.

A double dose

Jackie Clarke Realtors via

The light fixtures in this tall living room are illuminated but it’s the glare of the sunshine pouring in through not one set of windows but two that the eye is drawn to.

A wall of window

French design on the Texas Coast via

The perfect place for a picture window is in a kitchen that also doubles as an informal eating area – by day the sunshine fills the room and by night, stylish pendant lights do the trick.

Bring in the brilliance

b-3 bond via

Expansive windows like this create incredible shadows on the walls at dusk and dawn – they add to the unique texture of the formal living room.

Look overhead!

Miauu Interior Design via

Yep, it can show birds, planes, and an endless supply of sunshine – massive skylights in any space, from a bathroom or kitchen to a kid’s bedroom, are always a hit.

Beam me up Scotty

Villa Mirador via

Who wouldn’t want to show off the extraordinary design of this room? A wall of windows stretches the entire length of the space, as do the remarkable wood ceiling beams.

Content provided by Arcadian Lighting, a site that specializes in top quality lighting fixtures at extremely affordable prices. If you like this post, be sure to stop by the Arcadian Lighting blog and say hello!