Television in Your Master Bedroom

Okay, raise your hands “How many of you have a television in your master bedroom?”  If you do, do you wish it was a little less obvious?  There are solutions!
Below is guest post about TV Lift systems.  Options for a cabinet at the foot of your bed, drop downs from the ceiling and even in-floor automated systems are available.

On a personal note, I do not have a TV in the master bedroom, however if I did I would surely want the in-floor automated system!

Give Your Master Bedroom a Facelift with a TV Lift

Of all the rooms in your house, the master bedroom is the one space that should be devoted completely to your comfort. This area serves a single purpose: helping you rest and relax. That doesn’t just mean sleeping, listening to music, or reading a book. It can also be very soothing to lounge on a luxurious memory foam mattress and watch a favorite show before it’s time for lights out. For many of us, that’s actually part of the ritual of “winding down” as we prepare for sleep. The biggest problems with putting a TV in the master bedroom have to do with space and aesthetics. Here are three ways you can use an automated TV lift mechanism to keep your master bedroom looking serene and uncluttered.

Foot of the Bed

One favorite master bedroom project is installing a TV lift at the foot of a bed. It can go in a prefabricated TV lift cabinet or in a custom-made piece of furniture to match the headboard. If you pick a screen the correct size (between 42 and 46 inches on the diagonal), the viewing distance is just right. This is the type of setup to choose if:

  • The space at the foot of the bed isn’t needed for a walkway
  • You like to sit propped up in the bed while you watch TV
  • You want a lift cabinet that blends in with your existing bed frame
  • You want a piece of media furniture that provides storage for additional A/V components, DVDs, and more

Ceiling Drop Down

Sometimes, adding another piece of furniture can really throw an entire room off-balance. That’s OK; you don’t need a cabinet to install a TV lift. The lift can be concealed in the ceiling to drop down at the push of a button. This is a much more attractive option than having a wall mount looming over the bed. No one will even know it’s there until the lift is activated. A drop down mechanism is ideal if:

  • You don’t want a big entertainment center taking up floor space
  • You don’t want to block French doors or a picture window with a view
  • You like to recline far back with your head tilted slightly up as you watch TV

Under Floor Lift

This is one of the least expected places to hide a TV lift, but it can be a great way to keep your bedroom décor looking streamlined. An under floor lift will work with almost any type of floor covering since the lid floats up with the TV. It blends particularly well with hardwood floors since the grooves in the wood flooring hide the outline of the lid easily. This is the style to choose if:

  • You want to install a very large, heavy TV that isn’t suitable for a ceiling mount
  • Your bedroom faces a wall where there isn’t generally any foot traffic
  • You like to watch TV from a longer viewing distance

With so many great options for installing a TV tastefully in a master bedroom, we bet you won’t rest until you have a TV lift to call your own!


5 Easy Ways to Create A Bedroom Oasis

We spend between 7-10 hours in our bedroom sleeping, or attempting to sleep.  We also spend time in our bedrooms, getting dressed, reading, ‘relating’ to our partners and sometimes watching TV.  I have found that the master bedroom is often last on the list in terms of interior design attention.

You don’t need to necessarily do a major make over, but you can make it a more inviting space by implementing these

  5 Easy Ideas


1. Warm it Up! Add some new texture to your bedding by incorporating a new throw for the end of the bed, or a few accent pillows. West Elm has some great options to choose from.
Cozy PillowHand Knit Throw


You can also add an area rug in front of your bed or on each side of the bed to provide a comfy treat for your feet in the morning.


2. Add a Scent- Much research has been done on the ability of aromatherapy and its’ value on allowing the mind and body to relax.  We recommend lavender.  You can light a candle, or use scented oil with reeds for a set it and forget it solution.

Lavender Reed Diffuser


3. Adjust your lighting- You may have a ceiling fan with a light kit and/or bedside table lamps.  Regardless, you need to have your lighting on dimmer switches.  Harsh task lighting needs to be reserved for reading and soothing, soft lighting should be available for everything else in your bedroom.  Pink light bulbs are a good option.  This article from ELLE Decor offers additional details to consider for bedroom lighting.

bedroom lighting

4. Add Soothing Sound-Music has been said to ‘soothe the savage beast’.  Do you prefer soft classical music, or prefer the soft trickle of water flowing in a nearby fountain?  Create an ambiance in your room with music that relaxes as well as rejuvenates. Meditation is becoming popular in bedrooms, and relaxing nature sounds can help you refocus and get centered.  Depending on your style of music bring soothing sounds into your bedroom and transport yourself into another state of well-being. (credit to Fresh Home)

5. Get new sheets and pillowcases-When choosing bedding, the saying is ‘you get what you pay for’.  Purchase the highest thread count sheets you can afford! Sheets will make the difference in your sleeping experience.  Luxury hotel beds feel heavenly because of their wonderful bedding.  Fluffy comforters, pillows your head sink into, and sheets that feel luxurious will make your bedroom feel the same way.

Some inspirational web sites to check out are HOUZZ, Traditional Home, House Beautiful and of course HGTV.