Home Design That Welcomes The Outdoors IN!

Finally the weather is turning a bit more pleasant. Spring has sprung in much of the country (or will soon……).   S Interior Design is based in Arizona and it is definitely time to enjoy the outdoors before the triple digit temperature arrives. Below is a guest post about a home renovation in Australia that fully recognizes the opportunity to meld the outdoors with the interior spaces.  Quite beautiful!

Clayfield renovation (Bayview) – Bringing the outdoors in

 Brisbane is blessed with a gorgeous sub-tropical climate that lends itself to an outdoor lifestyle, and the suburb of Clayfield is a perfect example of this desire to spend time connected to nature. So it’s not surprising that the owners of this pre-1946 Californian Bungalow requested that Dion Seminara Architecture create for them a home that would fully take advantage of the predominantly fine weather.

The renovation involved an addition to the rear of the existing home which consisted of a dining space and a stunning new kitchen. A deck and courtyard were built at the rear of the home with sliding doors from the kitchen/dining room opening the home up onto this area. The result of this is immediately noticeable as the transition from inside to outside is seamless, resulting in a feeling of freedom and a connection when entertain in the courtyard area.


On those days that are less than ideal due to rain or the occasional cold change, the interior of the home can be closed off creating an intimate space that is warm and comforting.


At the front of the property a new double car port blends into the existing home, with a remote-controlled gate sealing off this area from the street. A new gate and gatehouse added to what already was an appealing streetscape and the re-landscaped front yard now takes on the appearance of a pleasant little courtyard itself.

Inside the little used main bedroom and hallway were originally the main beneficiaries of the prevailing north-east breezes that cross the property. Given that not much time was spent in these spaces they were renovated to create a gorgeous, naturally ventilated new living area that features an abundance of natural light. Creating a truly inviting space that thanks to the air-flow and natural illumination, further enhances the feeling of connection with the great Australian outdoors.

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Multi-Function Rooms

In October I was contacted by a potential client with a unique design request.  She is an accomplished artist; a painter of wild life, nature and domestic animals. She worked out of a room in her home that while large in dimension, was cluttered, dark and unorganized.  Not so unique you might say.  Here are the other details that earn it the UNIQUE title:

In addition to serving as an art studio, the room was used as:

  •  a home office
  •  a guest room
  • a place to do yoga
  • a place to watch TV
  • a place for her 5 cats to climb their unique indoor trees, socialize, relax and use the litter box

Here are some BEFORE pictures

Over sized roll top desk took up a lot of space

Unique cat tree climbers covered in tattered pastel carpet

Another desk surface and book case with cat boxes under neath

The design plan:
The client wanted to bring a tropical feel to the Arizona desert and create a visually clean and uncluttered space.  She loves natural, woven design elements.  The space needed to look and feel bright, open and airy while serving all of the functional needs and be cat friendly and easy to take care of.

  1. New easy to care for flooring to replace the worn Berber carpeting-18″ tile in reddish brown was laid
  2. Re-upholster the cat trees in a super durable and attractive fabric – Crypton fabric was used
  3. Provide comfortable seating and guest sleeping option in an easy to care for , pet friendly fabric-A custom air mattress sleeper sofa was designed using two fabrics; the cushions have an indoor/outdoor tropical fabric and the main sofa is covered in a commercial grade vinyl that has a rattan pattern embossed on it
  4. Storage and display for art supplies, books, magazines-a space plan was developed and all was purchased through IKEA or custom constructed.
  5. Working surfaces to create artwork-a main desk with a light box is placed by the french doors to take advantage of natural light, and a secondary surface was constructed to spec to stand at and as a dual benefit house and hide the litter boxes
  6. Area rugs to soften and define the zones-two sisal rugs (cats love sisal) were placed in the room
  7. New window coverings to filter but not block the light-natural woven shades were installed


The Cat's Can Climb and look out the window

Litter Box Storage & Cat Trees

The client is thrilled with the results.  We both believe that the redesigned space will result in even more beautiful paintings being created and serve as a wonderful room to relax in with and without her 4-legged family members.

Sunlit Interiors

I always say there is no better light source than natural light and always strive to leverage it in my designs.  Here in perpetually sunny Arizona, we are fortunate to  have a lot of sunny days to enjoy.   When Arcadian Lighting  offered to write a guest post on this subject for our blog, I was very pleased. Here it is, enjoy the fabulous visuals.

Arcadian Lighting is an e-commerce website that specializes in top lighting ideas around the world, and while I may write for them now, I had already been a fan of their site for years. I’ve been writing about home decor for almost half of my lifetime, and it’s given me a deep love and appreciation for style and creativity when it comes to interior design. And that’s why I love blogs by professional designers like Suzanne Lasky – what could be better than getting ideas straight from the expert? Thanks for letting me guest post here today Suzanne!

While light fixtures such as ceiling lights and wall sconces can illuminate a space, there’s something that is just as beautiful: sunlit interiors. Sun-drenched dining rooms and glass-walled bedrooms, bright bathrooms and living rooms full of sunshine, these eight rooms take advantage of Mother Nature’s greatest asset.

Mellow yellow

Design Home Interior via

As if the sunlight coming through the massive windows weren’t enough, this living room also has yellow walls to keep the space bright. The dark brown wood furniture and exposed paneling provide a nice contrast.

The brightness of whiteness

decorpad via

White looks all the more clean and crisp with an abundance of natural sunlight -this striking kitchen may have a stylish ceiling light, but the multiple windows are ample enough.

Second is just as important

Home Bunch via

Secondary transitional spaces like hallways and staircases crave just as much sunlight as main living spaces – in this image the size of the window may not be seen but the wealth of sunlight can’t be denied.

A double dose

Jackie Clarke Realtors via

The light fixtures in this tall living room are illuminated but it’s the glare of the sunshine pouring in through not one set of windows but two that the eye is drawn to.

A wall of window

French design on the Texas Coast via

The perfect place for a picture window is in a kitchen that also doubles as an informal eating area – by day the sunshine fills the room and by night, stylish pendant lights do the trick.

Bring in the brilliance

b-3 bond via

Expansive windows like this create incredible shadows on the walls at dusk and dawn – they add to the unique texture of the formal living room.

Look overhead!

Miauu Interior Design via

Yep, it can show birds, planes, and an endless supply of sunshine – massive skylights in any space, from a bathroom or kitchen to a kid’s bedroom, are always a hit.

Beam me up Scotty

Villa Mirador via

Who wouldn’t want to show off the extraordinary design of this room? A wall of windows stretches the entire length of the space, as do the remarkable wood ceiling beams.

Content provided by Arcadian Lighting, a site that specializes in top quality lighting fixtures at extremely affordable prices. If you like this post, be sure to stop by the Arcadian Lighting blog and say hello!