Sell Quicker-5 Easy Guidelines to Stage Your Home

Thinking about putting your home on the market? Here are some helpful ideas to help you prepare your home for sale

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to start this new year feeling organized in your home, office and life in general?  Sometimes easier said than done. My best friend is a professional organizer (Get Organized with Bridges).  She is consistently busy with clients.  We have become a society of collectors and sometimes even hoarders.  Like playing a sport without the right equipment, it is nearly impossible to obtain and maintain an organized life without the proper tools to do so.

S Interior Design has gone on client design consults where the very first step before any changes to the design of a space can be made, is purging and organizing by the client.


Below is a guest post from ‘across the pond’ supporting the idea of having additional storage space at your disposal.

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10 Unexpected Storage Spots

At the start of every new year, I decide it is time to ORGANIZE.  The tricky part is finding enough places and spaces to store everything.  The guest post below shares some great ideas about unexpected areas in your home to find ‘extra’ storage.  Enjoy and get organized in 2014.

10 (truly) unexpected storage spots

 Whether you are looking to decrease the clutter in your home, or simply find space for your essential items in a small apartment, unique and unexpected storage spots can be hard to spot. Fortunately, when you take a few moments to analyze what you have available to you, you may find some amazing storage ideas are sitting waiting to be used! Check out these ten unexpected storage spots below to help inspire your creativity!

Behind Cabinet Doors

While you may think of hiding a paper towel roll behind a cabinet door, you have probably never thought of including your entire spice rack, lid holders and more behind them! You have an abundance of cabinet doors in your kitchen, so get some shelves, hooks, and screws ready and start hanging up everything that can be hung behind the shelves! For more tips on how to improve the efficiency of a utility closet by adding shallow compartments to the back of the door click here.


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Behind Regular doors

Many people have taken to storing their present wrapping items on the insides of doors as well as cleaning products, shoes, and more. Take advantage of all that hidden vertical hanging space and use it to the max!

Room Dividers

If you are looking to separate a space with a divider, choose a double sided shelf instead. If you can’t afford one, try linking two shelves together, or stacking wooden crates together facing opposite sides for a unique way to create shelving space!


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Garage ceiling

Garage ceilings are perfect for totes, bike racks, and all of those seasonal items that have to be stored most of the year.


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On Top of washer/dryer

Provided you don’t have a top load washer, you can grab a wooden board, lay it on top, and add additional shelves above for some great storage space for all your cleaning and washing products!

Stairwell bookshelves

Have a staircase in your house? Check with a contractor to see how to fit in some slide out bookshelves into the side of the stairs! The space can be used for coats or seasonal storage as well!

Under the stairs

If you can’t fit shelves into the side of stairs, why not under each step? You have a good five or so inches which can be hollowed out and used as a storage space! Place books under each for a crafty book case and a beautiful finish to any stairwell!

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island may have some cabinets on the one side, but why waste all that potential storage on the other? Use some creativity and add in some shelves for all of your cookbooks and more!

Next to fridge

There are always those annoying two or three inch gaps between your fridge and the wall. Unfortunately for people who deal with smaller kitchens, that space may be the bane of their existence. Now, however, you can utilize some thin dresser shelves, turn them vertically, and create a mini slide out pantry right next to your fridge!


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Storage unit

Renting a storage unit is always an option for those dealing with tight spaces. Yes it’s not an “unexpected” storage space inside a home, but many overestimate how much a storage unit costs. At just a small monthly fee, a massive space can be rented out allowing for the safe and secure storage of valuables, seasonal items, and even excess furniture!

Is Clutter an Avenue to Creativity?

Here is  a guest post with an interesting twist on de-cluttering your closets and cabinets.  Think of the de-cluttering process as  a treasure hunt, a way to find items to work with to design ‘creative displays’.    If you need inspiration, Pinterest is an excellent site to search through.   While you are there, don’t forget to check the S Interior Design Pinterest boards

Here is the guest post.  So if it is too hot outside, start cleaning out your closets and think off the ‘hanger’.

How to De-Clutter Your Closets and Cabinets and Put Up Creative Displays

The small storage areas in your home, your closets and cabinets, can easily become cluttered. As a part of your overall home organization efforts, you should try to de-clutter these areas in both conventional and innovative ways. In addition to regularly getting rid of excess items in your cabinets and closets, you can also do things like put up creative displays in your home. If you’re wondering how you should go about putting up displays, here are some tips to guide you through the process:

1. Search for hidden treasure in your closets and cabinets –

Look through your closets and cabinets for things you might want to put on display. For instance, that vintage electric guitar you’ve had stowed away in your bedroom closet for ages would look pretty cool on your living room wall. Additionally, your stainless steel pots and pans would look great on a hanging rack in your kitchen. Pick out a few items from each of your closets and a couple of items from your cabinets that you want to put up on display in your home.

2. Invest in some racks, hooks, and shelves –

You’ll need to get some attractive racks, hooks, and shelves to use to put up displays throughout your home. You can get these at most home improvement stores, and they’re usually pretty easy to put up with yourself (if you’re adept at following written instructions). Additionally, you may want to purchase attractive racks for your kitchen and shelved furniture at a department store. Take your time searching for attractive and sturdy racks, hooks, shelves, and other furniture for your displays. Remember that details always matter in the realm of interior design.

3. Don’t go overboard –

Covering your walls with displays isn’t necessarily the best strategy. Putting up creative displays is a great way to clear out some extra space in your closets and cabinets. However, it’s not the ultimate solution to clutter in those storage areas of your home. Regular organization and getting rid of excess belongings is the best way to de-clutter your closets and cabinets. Putting up a few, tasteful displays throughout your home should only be a part of your overall organization efforts.

Author’s Bio: Author’s Bio: Lisa is a blogger at Self Storage Deals who writes on the subjects of home storage, home organization, and self storage options. Professionally, she splits her time between helping people organize their homes and helping people organize their storage units, specifically storage units in Colorado Springs and storage units in McAllen. “

Storage Opportunities -Bring Me A Basket


My favorite storage option for pillows, linens, books, magazines, dog toys and more.  A plethora of sizes, shapes, tone and textures are available.  Officially get organized month is over tomorrow, but are good ideas for storage ever ‘OVER”?

You can use baskets in your entry area to collect shoes, mail and kids backpacks.  In your bedroom to place your decorative bedding pillows in until the next day, in family rooms to store magazines and hold comfy throws.  Baskets work great on shelves to store smaller items such as music CDs or DVDs.

Here are a few options to consider :

Simple and rectangular from Crate and Barrel,  round and deep from Restoration HardwareStorage Baskets








You can find baskets of all configurations at retailers such as Target, Marshalls Home Goods,  and Michael’s Arts and Crafts .  Baskets are great tools to organize small office items.  Add a few that are colorful to give a pop of interest to a neutral decor scheme.  Check out these great ones from Cost Plus World Market.

The addition of baskets on the bottom shelves of this ‘open’ bookshelf design give the shelving more visual weight and interest doesn’t it??

So, where can you add great looking, and highly functioning BASKETS in your home and office environment?