It’s Time—–Your Home Needs a Make-over Today

Another guest blog post to share with you! An interesting point of view on the subject of when is the ‘right time’ to do some make-over work in your home.  A lot of us procrastinate because we are over whelmed or even scared to make changes to our home environment.  I am working with a client who read in her journal from January ,  2010 about what she wanted to do to her space and had put off for over a 1 1/2.

Yes, she is a bit scared to finally start making the changes she has thought about for so long.  I am guiding her and providing a design plan that she is comfortable with.  So, don’t put it off any longer, dive in or slowly put a foot in the water.  You may find out that if FEELS GOOD!

Guest Post-

Today I am being forced to put a pen, get a writing pad and write a nice little article to all my dear friends out there. You must be thinking who forced me to do so. Well, that’s a long answer you are asking for. It’s my home who has been screaming at me since a couple of days. It’s creaming out loud, ‘Please, My owner! My custodian! Look at me. Look closely as to what have you done to me throughout these passing years. Just imagine what I was when you moved in and now what a tragic death I am dying”. After hours of recollection I have reached the conclusion that yeah, what the hell have I done to my home. Every nook and corner of this place is crying, asking for attention, and demanding nothing but a make-over and some frequent touch-ups here and there.

Everyone likes change, nobody likes living a stagnant life. Same goes for the interior decor of your living place. A neat, trendy interior design is a must to compliment the good architecture of a building. This involves everything from the selection of color combos to the choice of furniture, from wall hangings to floor mats and carpeting. Also a special attention must be paid while deciding on the interior of the room keeping under consideration as to what the room would be used for. Bedrooms should always have cool light colors with comfortable and cozy fixtures. Living room should have a vibrant and energetic feel to it. These tips are not universal but can be molded per your own taste and requirements.

What is universal and vital is that Interior of your villa or apartment affects your life immeasurably so having a poorly designed home can be such a blow to your lifestyle which can’t be cured or reverted at any cost. Even if a place was given a brilliant interior at the start and was not maintained with changing seasons and passing time, it is of no use. This is something which needs recurrent consideration and refreshment. So be always vigilant about the interior design of your homes that whether they are prim and proper or not. If you feel that things are out-of-place and you are having concerns regarding your living place its time you get its interior modified and get a fresh one.

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