5 Ways to Increase the Efficiency of the Kitchen

S Interior Design gets contacted often to host  guest articles on our blog.  Our requirements are that the article be informative versus sales oriented and include supporting pictures.  We received this article today and deemed it worthy of sharing.  What strikes us is the down home, practical recommendations offered  to make the kitchen a more efficient place to cook and clean up in.  Nothing fancy, just some ideas for you to think about incorporating into your kitchen layout and routine.

Guest Article

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The kitchen in my house is extremely small, because of which I used to face a lot of trouble in performing tasks and it took a lot of time between preparing meals and cleanup. I wanted to modify my kitchen and make some changes which would help me increase the efficiency and functionality of the kitchen. I consulted a home improvement contractor regarding this, who was apparently more interested in making money rather than helping me out. He suggested me to go for whole-sale kitchen renovation, which would burn out a huge amount from my savings. Fortunately, during this time my grandmother visited my house from Australia, who takes a mighty pride of being an efficient homemaker. She told me that all I need to do is to make the best use of the available space by following a few simple tips, instead of renovating the entire kitchen. She suggested some of the very basic tips with me that I still follow in my daily routine task, and believe it or not, this has increased my productivity in the kitchen. If you want to know about the tips, continue reading the article.

Buy some essential equipment: Kathie (my granny, in case you wonder) suggested me to buy a few reliable quality kitchen appliances that are easy to handle and maintain and help you increase the efficiency level. This might cost you a little, but will eventually pay for its own. This is the reason why I love my Blendtec. It has auto turn off feature, enabling me to start on another task while it is on. I am really thankful to Shelly (Yes! I am) because she also suggested me to invest in good mixture and blender. This has simplified my work and allows me to take less time in preparing food.

Get organized:  It is extremely important to be organized and pro-active in kitchen in order to complete the task efficiently. I gather all the supplies and ingredients together prior to begin a recipe. This helps me make sure that I have everything handy required for preparing a dish. This also helps me speed up the process by having all the items within arm reach. I gather the items that are mostly used on a regular basis, such as spices, tea, coffee and many more.

Include storage solution: Having an organized and de-cluttered kitchen is extremely important to make the best use of the available space (as suggested by my granny). I wanted to incorporate considerable storage space in my kitchen, but did not want to spend a lot either. So, my niece suggested me to install open shelves on the walls to store jars and stack plate. However, if budget is not a concern for you, then you can build cabinets on the walls or build-in drawers. If you reside in Muskoka, you can look for some other ideas of kitchen cabinets in Muskoka.

Keep the layout simple: Keep the kitchen layout as simple as possible, ensuring minimum movement and maximum productivity. I prefer to store vegetables and market items close to the entrance. This allows me to place the belongings, without entrenching the cooking area. I also place big utensils next to the sink to facilitate minimum movement for washing.


How to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen Space


When it comes to kitchen size, is bigger always better?   If you have optimized your kitchen design and storage space, you many be just fine with a smaller sized kitchen.  The article below is a guest post on the subject of how to make the most of your kitchen space.   At the  end of the day if you determine you do indeed need a larger kitchen space, please make sure to develop a detailed design plan  BEFORE embarking upon a remodel.   Good planning and hiring professionals to assist you in the design and implementation phase will save you time and money and a lot of head aches.  S Interior Design adds their ‘2 cents’ shown in blue color font.

How to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen Space

It seems like there’s never enough room in the kitchen. Between accumulating extra kitchen tools and to learning how to make extravagant recipes, you likely need extra space. It’s no wonder that this is one of the most commonly remodeled room in the home, and homeowners are constantly looking for new kitchen layout ideas. Transforming your entire kitchen takes time if you want to do it right. In the meantime, there are simple steps you can take to make the most out of your small kitchen.

Creative kitchen tools storage

Photo Credit: http://www.sxc.hu

Get Rid of the Clutter

Nothing makes cooking more difficult than a cluttered kitchen. Store unused appliances into cabinets to free up counter space so you can cook properly. Having a set system in place can make using and storing small appliances easy so you aren’t left scrambling to make room at the last minute.

Go Up–It can strain your back to lift heavier appliances down from higher cabinets or up from low cabinets.  There are products that you can retrofit existing cabinets with to address this issue.  Check out Rev-A-Shelf   for ideas. Lift

Some home cooks face a dilemma if they need to use multiple appliances in a small kitchen. If you lack cabinet space, one solution is to temporarily store your appliances on top of the cabinets. This way you can take them down and use the tools when needed, but still have counter space.

 Knock Out Useless Storage

Cabinets can be your best friend when it comes to storing your kitchen goods, but when left unused, they can actually take up space. Knock out any cabinets you aren’t using. You can either leave them open as storage shelves, or take out the whole unit for extra counter space.

Kitchen spice storage

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Create Extra Storage

On the other hand, a lack of storage may be your problem. If fine dishes and other less commonly used items are taking up space, move them out of the kitchen. Use a china cabinet or wall storage in an adjoining room instead. For other less commonly used kitchen tools, such as Christmas tableware, consider moving it into storage until the season comes.

Remove Excess Furniture

Islands, stools and chairs can be useful in the kitchen. If you don’t use them often, however, it may be time to downsize to open up more space in the room. Consider replacing the furniture with smaller versions, or taking them out altogether.

Knock Out a Wall–Please do not knock down any walls before you know the structural implications!

If your kitchen is starting to become a little too claustrophobic for your liking, you can solve this problem by taking out an extra wall. The most common wall to take out is the one that separates the sink area to the dining area or family room. Not only will you create a sense of openness, but you can also add additional counter space on the other side of the room.

Use a Fresh Color—Make sure to use a washable paint finish in the kitchen regardless of the color chosen.  If you do choose to have a lighter paint on the kitchen walls, you can still add color with the back splash tiles, window treatments, kitchen accessories and on the floor.

In some cases, a kitchen might feel small, but the size is actually quite decent. If you are looking for a way to instantly make your kitchen look bigger, consider painting it a light color. Light pastels, beige and white are all good candidates. Before buying white appliances to match, know that your modern stainless steel dishwasher, oven and refrigerator can match any paint color.



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