Design Details Aren’t Details After All

Today I completed one of my favorite steps for a client; the installation
of   artwork and accessories.  Without these finishing touches, rooms feel
unfinished, not quite complete.

The powder room had been totally remodeled,  new cabinetry, exotic granite countertops, travertine with glass insert tiles for the flooring, zen inspired wall color, crisp lighting, brushed nickel plumbing fixtures; the whole nine yards.  Although it looked great, it didn’t look finished.

The unique artwork and custom designed faux flora on the counter top and hung on the wall in a glass vase wrapped in metal above the toilet make this powder room one of the most appealing rooms in the home.

Another Example:

Here is the stairwell at the same client’s home.
It had been altered significantly from the original oak wood finished stair railing surrounded by stark white walls to the classic high gloss black and white railing seen here.

Compare the two pictures.  The top one shows the contemporary vertical artwork and 7′-0″ palm tree in the fluted ceramic pot that is glazed in colors to complement the design elements in the family room.  The bottom one doesn’t.  Which do you prefer?

Powder RmStairwell After Art & AccessoriesStairwell Redone But Not Complete


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