How to Light Your Entry Area

Of all of the design elements, lighting is one of, it not the most important ones yet it is easily and often overlooked.  You can have a fabulous room that looks a lot less than fabulous if it is not lit properly.  The same holds true in the opposite direction.  You can have an average looking space that looks phenomenal if the lighting is done right. The key is layering the light in each room; overhead, task, accent, ambient.

Lighting an entry area to your home makes the difference between a warm welcome and a chilly reception.  Overhead options include chandeliers, pendant lights, or properly placed recessed can lighting.  Layer the light in the entry area by placing a buffet style lamp on a console table, or place wall mounted sconces flanking the door.

Place on a console table

Sconces to Flank the Door, Or Above A Console Table


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