Peek Inside Celebrity Bathrooms

For some reason we like peering into the private lives of celebrities.  Well, thanks to this guest post, you will have the opportunity to check out 10 master bathrooms of the stars!!  Hopefully they will provide you with some inspiration to make over your very own bathroom this year and express your STAR power in your master bathroom!

Famous Bathrooms

Celebrities invest on their personal spaces. It’s their sanctuary from the public. One area in their house which may be considered the most private, even sacred, is the bathroom. The bathroom is a place where they can go without make-up, styled hairdos and all the shiny bling. It’s a place where they can be as is, as they want to be. Here’s a look on some of those private, intimate and celebrity worthy bathrooms.



 1. Actress Meg Ryan’s bathroom is fresh, airy and simple. With a custom window panel to give her a good view of nature outside while soaking in the tub, we can only imagination the relaxation she experiences each bath. What brings personality and cheer in her bathroom are the potted plants and the sheer simplicity of white on white, and square window frames.



2. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban is an award-winning celebrity power couple. Kidman, an actress, and Urban, a country singer, share their moments in a $10 million home in New York. This bathroom sets a calm and bright mood. Most of the colors are neutral. Shades of grey and accents of wood provide contrast, and the extra touches of paintings and flower decor accentuates the bathroom’s already appealing style.

3. Away from the cameras and clapboards, actress Jennifer Aniston is a yoga and Zen practitioner. Her beliefs in East Asian philosophies reflect on her bathroom design. Simplicity with maximum efficiency and harmony with nature and its elements are the key factors of Zen. The warm color of stained wood gives contrast to the lighter shaded tub.

4. Fashion designer icon Ralph Lauren desired to have a bathroom that is very simple, open, clean and spacious built for him. By nature, this design is a true manifestation of minimalism. Note that most of the flat surfaces barely have anything on top of them except for the water fixtures and the vase. The bath is mostly polished and mirrored, the room reflects itself in almost all angles.

5. Actor Charlie Sheen’s stylish bathroom is another white on white themed room with tasteful accented rugs below the double vanitys sink. You cannot go wrong with the classic white on white theme. It makes any room larger. Being a tabloid favorite, Charlie Sheen prepared to protect his privacy from paparazzo, this bath’s curtains are ready to be drawn in anytime.

6. Nicolas Cage’s numerous homes and properties are covered by the returns of his acting career in Hollywood. However, financial burdens and accumulated debt forced him to sell this Orange County property with a slashed down $1 million price tag from $1.7 million. This bathroom manifests the Californian style of “bringing the outside indoors” as exemplified by its bright color coordination.

7. Hit-maker rapper Kanye West’s bathroom is a straightforward minimal bathroom with a slight twist of glamor and aqualife. He can take a bath while watching fish or enjoying the view outside the oversized window panel then lounge at the bench beneath the chandelier bling.

8. Reality star and tabloid mainstay Kim Kardashian keeps her bathroom traditional with wooden storage and fine marble. The bathroom is built to accommodate a couple.

9. Actress and writer Julianne Moore spends her time musing over what next children’s book to write in her remodeled bathroom influenced by designs during the 1880’s. The old world feel must give her inspiration to write chapters of playful thoughts in her books.

10. When not in the adrenaline inducing action scenes of 24, Kiefer Sutherland enjoys his alone time in his simple, minimalist bathroom. The blue mosaic tiles give a relaxed, laid back feel of the bathroom. His oversized mirror creates an illusion of space too.

About the Author: Adie Sotelo is a contracted writer for PremiereVanities. A specialty store dedicated to proving our customers with a great selection, competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service.


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