Wouldn’t it be wonderful to start this new year feeling organized in your home, office and life in general?  Sometimes easier said than done. My best friend is a professional organizer (Get Organized with Bridges).  She is consistently busy with clients.  We have become a society of collectors and sometimes even hoarders.  Like playing a sport without the right equipment, it is nearly impossible to obtain and maintain an organized life without the proper tools to do so.

S Interior Design has gone on client design consults where the very first step before any changes to the design of a space can be made, is purging and organizing by the client.


Below is a guest post from ‘across the pond’ supporting the idea of having additional storage space at your disposal.

Top 5 Benefits of Having Your Own Storage

With the pace of modern world getting faster every day, it’s only natural that, over time, we inevitably collect more possessions than we used to, and whether we’d like to admit so or not, a lot, if not most of all that stuff is not needed often.
Because of that, we can find ourselves in a rather strange situation – we are working to improve our lives, accumulating more possessions, but at the same time, getting more crowded by them until we find ourselves living in a very cluttered environment, and that’s something no one wants.
Luckily, there’s a rather simple solution – today you can easily find great storage options that can inexpensively accommodate all of the things you don’t use every day, while still keeping them close.
But if you’re still not convinced that personal storage is right for you, here are five benefits that can help you see its value:
Easy Accessibility
It’s completely untrue that having personal storage means that you’ll have to go through a lot of trouble in case you needed anything from it – in fact, if you find a storage space close to (or even at) your home, it can always be at arm’s reach.
But instead of having to deal with all the things you rarely need every day and having to find space for them in the visible areas of your home, you can keep them from getting in the way, while at the same time always having them close.
Good Organisation
One of the best things about dedicating a space for your own storage is the huge potential for organising everything exactly as you want it. When you don’t have space constraints and don’t have to worry about storing your possessions in the same space where you live, it becomes really simple to organise and get the most out of a storage space, while planning it out in way that everything becomes very easy to locate.
You can use shelves, cabinets and racks to use all of the vertical space available in a room for storage categorizing everything in a way that works ideally for your needs. So instead of having to scramble around your home to find anything, you’ll know exactly where everything is at all times.
It’s an obvious truth that when something is not organized, there’s an increased risk for it to get lost or even stolen. So if you value your possessions, keeping them in a safe space is a great choice, and personal storage is probably the best possible solution.
You can install the necessary security measures to make sure your things are safe, and because only you and your family members have access to the storage area, it becomes very unlikely that something would go missing.
No Clutter
When you do get your things sorted out and put safely away in storage, you’ll notice just how big a difference it can make to the way your home looks and feels – the incredible amount of space that will suddenly become available is enough to completely transform the look of your home.
Not only will you have more room to move around, you’ll also feel better – it has been scientifically proven that cluttered living environments can cause psychological or even physical ailments, so after opting for personal storage space, you’ll be reaping immediate health benefits.
More Room for Possessions
Finally, since the accumulating of possessions is an inevitable and continuous process for almost everyone, taking action and getting personal storage space will help you maintain control of the amount of things that can pile up and always have a space where you can put them.
This way, almost nothing can end up aimlessly lying around the ground or at a corner somewhere, because it can be categorized and stored immediately. And that also means that there will always be plenty of room at your home for the things you do use often.

Author Bio: This article was written and provided by Jeremy – who works with http://www.allstoragesystems.com.au/
family owned business involved in the storage and materials handling industry for over 20 years.


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