5 Simple Makeovers–You Can Do BEFORE the Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching. Some of you will be entertaining both local and out of town family and friends. There is still time to make interior design changes before they arrive.

This is a great time to paint a room, rooms or a wall in one of your rooms. Besides painting, there are several other relatively quick and inexpensive changes you can make.

· Get new bedding for your guest bedroom. If you don’t want to replace it all, think about introducing a few new accent pillows and or a throw for your guests to cuddle with.

· Replace the dated light fixtures in your bathrooms. There are many bath lighting options available that are not expensive but sure look like they are! Check out Bellacor.com to do your shopping.

· Refresh your artwork. No need to go for original paintings with expensive frames. You can find wonderful original art by yet undiscovered artists. The important thing about artwork is that it makes you smile when you see it up on your walls.

Check out Overstock.com Auctions, E-Bay or Art.com for a great selection of artwork at all price ranges.

· Do some redesign in your home. Redesign is using the furniture and accessories you already own in new spaces and places. For example, switch around which tables your table lamps are on. You can place your artwork in new collage configurations or in different rooms. Move the placement of your seating. You will be surprised at how much the look and feel of your home can change.

· Reupholster your dining room or kitchen chairs. If you are handy with a staple gun, you probably can tackle this project easily. Generally you will only need a yard of fabric to cover 4 chairs (keep patterns and repeats in mind). While welting/piping probably isn’t a DIY project for most of us, you can hot glue on some decorative trim, or hammer in some small nail heads if you want to further liven up the look.

Don’t be afraid that you will make mistakes. In fact, ‘screwing something up’ might just lead to an unexpected result that you LOVE.


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